The Empty White Screen


You have no idea what to write about and you know it.   Why, oh, why did you ever start this project??

Absolutely nothing happened today.  Nothing.  Except grocery shopping.  And if you write about grocery shopping one more time, all of your fingers will fall off, so don’t even think about it.  (But it rained! Can I write about how it rained while I grocery shopped??)  NO!

You were always terrified of writing, which was a big reason why you never even went to college.  Seriously–you refused to go to college because you were afraid of writing.

So how did you ever find yourself writing a blog every single night for an entire year?  Are you crazy, Lizard, crazy??

Eh.  Just go to bed and write something tomorrow.  I’m done with you, Lizard–done. Off with you.


9 thoughts on “The Empty White Screen

  1. Your post could have said, today is Jane’s birthday. She liked Li’s too. Lol. I did nothing today either, except work so I understand 🙂

  2. You didn’t go to college because you already knew everything they’d teach you. You were always a smart one you and your little fuzzy mop haired friend Jo Ann too!

    • Thanks, B. The goofy thing is that when I finally did go to college (in my 30’s), my one professor said she’d save my paper for last (to grade) so she could savor it.

      I imagine her looking like Mrs. Shields from A Christmas Story while she read my papers:

      “‘And this thing in the stock that tells time.’ Poetry! Sheer poetry!”

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