Tinkering, Pictures of My House, and Logic

As you know, we’ve been playing Myst lately.  Myst is a computer game where you a dropped on some sort of island and there’s a bunch of machinery lying around.  You have to tinker with it to figure out how it all works.

I told the boys that when the copiers would break at work, I would pretend I was playing Myst and tinker with the copier until I figured out how to fix it.  It’s a handy mindset to have when there’s a frustrating tinkering project looming ahead of you.

Yesterday, when Darling Husband and I were on our Shopping Extravaganza at Target, we bought two doorknobs with locks for the bathroom doors.  We live in an 8,000 year old home which was built in the olden days (obviously—because 8,000 years ago is pretty olden), when families of 20 were merry and content with a single bathroom.

But times change, and sometime in the last 8,000 years, one of the bedrooms was converted into a second bathroom.  And then someone else built an entire secret room on the other side of the converted bathroom.  Oh, this isn’t making any sense.  Hang on while I go take pictures.  I hope I tidied up today…

…I’m back.  The original bathroom.  Kinda small.

This is of the bedroom that was converted into a bathroom.  We installed the washer/dryer in there.

See, how they’re side by side?  (Watch out for that chandelier!)

And see this door at the end of the converted bathroom? Oh—and look: there’s me, waving at you in the mirror.

The door used to be the bedroom window, but now it’s the door to the playroom.

You didn’t expect an entire room through that bathroom, did you? One of these days, I’ll get around to covering that door with a mirror and coming up with a clever latch system, so that you don’t know there’s that entire room hidden back there.   You’ll think it’s just a really big mirror, but then….creeeeak…it’ll open to the hidden room.

The only problem with the Big Bathroom, as we so cleverly named it, is that the doorknobs don’t have locks.  So while using the toilet or shower, there’s a constant sense of anxiety that someone will burst in on you during a vulnerable moment.  What makes it even worse, is you can be burst upon from all sides–from the main house, or from that addition in the back.

What’s the point of all this?  Today, inspired by Myst and my new efforts to prepare the boys for increasing independence, I handed them each a box with a new doorknob (with lock) and a fistful of screwdrivers and told them to install the new doorknobs on the doors to the Big Bathroom.

The only help I gave was a little bit of brute strength to get the screws going.  Other than that they did the entire job by themselves, without using the instructions.  I was proud and so were they.  I counted it toward their Logic class in homeschool.  Yes, we have a separate class for Logic.  It’s my school and I get to do whatever I want.

Aside:  Quote from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe:  “‘Logic!’ said the Professor half to himself.  ‘Why don’t they teach logic at these schools?'”

And then Boy10 had to go and ask, “So, what do I get for doing that job?”  Sigh.  Next parenting challenge—crushing that inflated sense of entitlement.

“What do you get?! The satisfaction of a job well done and privacy–a precious commodity in a world of seven billion.”


Picture of the Day.  Trick or treating.


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