Hurricane Fallout: Shopping, Screeching, and Tuna Noodle Casserole

Darling Husband’s college was closed again today due to the hurricane.  We did what anyone would have done in such a situation—slept in until 9:00, skipped homeschooling, and headed straight to Target.  While there, I got a (purple) cover for Sandra, my new iPad.  I also bought a tube of the skin cream that does not make my skin orange.  (Refer to this post.)

We spent the rest of the day playing Myst on the iPad.  Darling Husband has worked in the IT department for a bazillion years and has all those reams of wires hanging around the house  (refer to this post).  I’m delighted and awed to say that if you plug one end of one of those wires into the iPad, and the other end into the tv, you can see the iPad screen on the TV.  Will modern marvels never cease!

The entire family gathered around the tv in the living room screeching at gently encouraging whoever was controlling the iPad to “Click the button!  Hurry up! No, No!  Not that one, the other one!  No, no–just stop, stop!  You’re doing it all wrong!”  Precious family memories.

Somewhere in the middle of fighting over playing Myst, we ate some tuna noodle casserole.  This is because we have a burgeoning shelf full of canned tuna and peaches and tomatoes and the like, in case we lost power from the hurricane.  We’ll be eating a lot of tuna/peach/tomato casserole over the next couple of weeks.

I also have a triple batch of Banana Bread, which I forgot about until just now.  Hang on while I go get myself a slice….

…I’m back.   Whoever invented banana bread should have won a Nobel peace prize.  Or at least a blue ribbon at the county fair.


Picture of the Day

These are the hurricane clouds on the way to Target.  The clouds seemed particularly low and dense today.  I wonder if hurricane clouds really are different from regular clouds?  Hang on while I ask the professor of meteorology sitting to my right at the table….

…Yes.  He said that hurricane clouds are different from regular clouds, so I wasn’t just imagining that they were more dramatic than usual.

My in-laws live on the other side of those trees behind the white house, so basically–this is their neighborhood. You may have to travel 27 minutes to get to Target, but at least the scenery is gorgeous along the way.


A cautionary note:  If you play on the iPad while you’re on the windy roads on the way to Target, you will get car sick.


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