Ignoring the Teacher, BBQ Potato Chips, and A Real Giant

Today was Photo Club day.  Unfortunately, my iPad hasn’t arrived yet and so I…what?  I didn’t tell you about my iPad?  Really?   Allow me to remedy this:

On Wednesday evening, Darling Husband and I were sitting at the dining room table, which is where we keep our laptops.  I was writing The Blog (this one) and Darling Husband was keeping an eye on the weather forecasts.  Out of the blue he said, “Do you want your own iPad3?  Here’s a really good deal on a refurbished iPad3.”

We had a very dull conversation about whether or not I really want an iPad. I’m not going to recount it here since I don’t want to be responsible for your medical bills if you pass out from boredom and hit your head.  But ultimately, it ended with me saying, “I guess…” and Darling Husband saying, “I’m getting it!  I’m buying it!  Right now!

I’m not sure, but that could possibly be the very first impulse buy that Darling Husband has ever made.  Ever.  Well, let me quantify–it’s probably the first impulse buy more expensive than a $4.29 bag of Bickle BBQ potato chips.

Wait.  I just told Darling Husband what I was writing and he pshawed and said, “I don’t spend $4.29 on the Bickle BBQ potato chips. I wait until they go on sale for 2 for $4.”

So, buying the refurbished iPad3 is the biggest impulse buy Darling Husband has ever made above a $2 bag of Bickle BBQ potato chips.

Back to the beginning.

Today was Photo Club day.  Unfortunately, my iPad hasn’t arrived yet and so I couldn’t sit at the table with Kevin and Gerhard and play with the iPad and ignore the lesson.  Do you remember this picture:

Kevin maintains that he’s not “playing.”  He claims he’s “researching class material.”  The picture is semi-wrong.  It shows Gerhard ignoring the lesson by playing with his camera, but often he gets out his Kindle and reads on it.

I’ve waited almost two years to join their lofty ranks–of sitting at the table ignoring the lesson.  I’ve finally heard that lesson on ISO and aperture and shutter speed so many times that I could teach it.  And yes, I offered to teach it today–anything to get out of having to listen to it yet again–but Scott didn’t want to have to listen to it either, so he hogged the whiteboard pen.

But my iPad isn’t due to arrive until Monday.  Monday!  At least it looks like it should be here before the hurricane blows all the FedEx trucks into the sea.  So when a new Photo Club member showed up (hi, Hannah!) and Scott pulled out the whiteboard to teach her the ISO/Aperture/Shutter Speed lesson, I had nothing to do except play with my camera.

I took a few pictures of Scott.  The pictures I took today will once and for all put to rest your doubts that Scott really is tall.  All along, you’ve been thinking I’m exaggerating, but I’m totally not and I can prove it to you.

This is the picture I took of Scott droning on and on teaching the lesson today in the church’s atrium.  The ceilings in there are probably a good 20 feet tall, and look, just look, at how Scott is just about tall enough to bump his head on the chandeliers:

Oh, alright.  He’s not really that tall, but he’s close.  But, honestly, when you’re bored during your photography lesson and you don’t have your iPad3, and you have your camera nearby, what do you expect?  Scott should be proud that I actually remembered all his lessons about distortion at 18 mm well enough to pull off the picture.

And no, it wasn’t by accident.  I got the exact shot I envisioned.  I believe that this means I have well earned my ticket to sitting at the table with Kevin and Gerhard, ignoring the lesson.


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