Balloons, Shaving Cream, A Handsome Young Man, and a Really Bad Impression

Ridiculously busy day today.  When I’m done typing here, my clever plan is to fall asleep sitting up in my chair and then slowly slump over onto the table and get a good night’s rest without having to actually stand up and walk into the bedroom.  I’m just that tired, people.

I won’t bore you with the details of every little thing I did all day long, that’s for Facebook, but I’ll just say that I went out before 9 a.m. and got back home after 9 p.m. and the only time I sat all day was for the 40 minutes I was in the car.

If you recall, today was the day that I look senior portraits for Eric.  Here’s a picture I took of Eric with his family last Christmas.

He’s the tall one on the side sticking out his tongue.  No, I didn’t notice that he was sticking out his tongue until I got home and looked at the picture on the computer.

He’s grown since that picture.  I told you a few days ago that he’s 8’12, but I was wrong.  He’s only 6’2.

Which was such a good thing.  Melissa let me borrow her 6 foot tall reflector with a stand.  When on the stand, the reflector was taller than Eric, and waaaay taller than me, so it was his job to schlep it everywhere we went.  We were at an outdoor location with a few acres, so there was a lot of schlepping.

Boy10 was working as my assistant (and after today I have some new insight into why 10 year olds aren’t often gainfully employed…), and at one point I looked around and said, “Where’s Boy10?”

Eric pointed to the reflector, which had fallen over, taking out Boy10 with it.  But Boy10 pressed on undeterred, playing his DS game while under the reflector.  What a trooper!

Here’s a picture of Eric.  Isn’t he so handsome?

I’d just taken a nice picture of him and said, “You looked like your mother in that last shot,” so he immediately launched into his impression of his mother, with the above result.

I don’t think it looks like her at all.  See:

Oooo!  Sorry, Kris!  No, not really.  This is the second time I’ve posted this amazingly unflattering picture of Kris, which makes it even funnier than the first time I posted it.  We’ll be rolling on the floor laughing like loons the third time I post it.  I can hardly wait!

After the photoshoot with Eric, I headed to the church for pictures of their Halloween event.  Since a lot of churches really don’t like the scary/spooky parts of Halloween, they’ll sometimes have events that give the kids candy and let them play games without all the scary/spooky stuff.  The church goes all out for this event, and thousands of locals come to it every year.  There’s a petting zoo and a bouncy house and cotton candy and hot dogs and so on and so on and the kids just love it.

Here’s a very bad picture to give you just a glimpse of how busy this thing gets. This was only a small portion of the parking lot:

It’s late, and I’m running out of time, so even though I have lots of pictures I could show you, I’ll just post this one picture of Gil.  I have no idea what was going on at this booth, but it involved balloons and shaving cream.  Gil is covered with the shaving cream.

It wasn’t until an hour later when Kevin showed up with his camera that I found out why Gil is covered in shaving cream.  I’m still a little fuzzy on the details, but the kids are supposed to draw or something on the balloons in the shaving cream, but when they try to, the balloons pop.

(ETA:  Darling Husband just explained to me that it’s supposed to be “Shaving School” and the kids “shave” the balloons with some sort of plastic scraper and that’s when the balloons pop.  Darling Husband also has a sneaking suspicion that Gil helps the balloons to pop, but that’s unconfirmed wild speculation at this time.)

Kevin got a shot of the balloon at the moment it popped, and you can see huge gobs of shaving cream flying through the air, heading straight for Gil.

Speaking of being a trooper, I think Gil gets the prize today!


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