A Hero, A Smile, and an Uncooperative Rooster

I have no stories of my own today, so I’ll tell Kevin’s, since he told it to me today.

Kevin wasn’t at the Pit Party the other day because he was…wait.  I told you about the Pit Party, right?  I didn’t?

Well, after years and years of promising me a Pit Party, Barbetta finally came through.  Pit is a card game that involves lots of yelling and flinging cards around the table.  I had a great time and got a few pictures.  I like how the bell looks almost like it’s floating in this one:

I like how you can see a few of the Pit Players reflected in this one.  I’m the black blob in the middle.

Kevin and Brandi were invited to the Pit party, but they didn’t come.  That’s because Kevin was off in Baltimore City handing out blankets and soup to homeless people.  While he was ladling out bowls of soup, one of the homeless people said, “Hey look.  That car is on fire.”  For a moment, Kevin paused in the ladling of the soup and considered whether he should run to the burning car and see if there was anyone to rescue.  Rescue burning car victims, feed the hungry, rescue burning car victims, feed the hungry?  Decisions, decisions.

In the end, the car was empty, so he kept ladling.

You might ask yourself, why would Kevin be so at-the-ready to rush off to rescue burning car victims?  I’ll tell you why.

Years ago, Kevin and Brandi were visiting Brandi’s parents.  Her parents have an in-ground pool.  Everyone was in the pool swimming around.  Kevin was on the diving board.  Everything was languid and calm.

But then! Kevin dived into the pool, started swimming like a crazy man across the pool, pulled himself out of the pool, screamed “CALL 911!” and went booking it across the lawn.

Everyone was still bobbing around in the pool wondering, “What’s wrong with Kevin?”

It turns out that while Kevin was leaping through the air, mid-dive, that he looked up and saw a car crash into a telephone pole and flip over, landing on its roof.  So, he took off swimming and running to the rescue.

While the rest of his family was wondering what was going on with Kevin’s one man Ironman Triathlon (minus the bicycle), he was busy pulling three teenagers out of the smoking wreckage of the car.

Isn’t that a great story??  You bet it is.


I spent the afternoon going to a movie (Argo) and reviewing the pictures I’ve taken over the past week.  Here are the ones good enough to share:

This is a picture from Tina’s photo shoot last Sunday.  The son didn’t want to smile in the pictures and would get very serious as soon as Tina held up the camera.  I managed to get a picture of him smiling when he wasn’t noticing:

This is the chicken coop from the Pumpkin Farm:

The rooster kept crowing and crowing and crowing…but only when the camera wasn’t in focus, or I had just given up and turned it off.  Or, I was ready, but at the last minute he turned his head, so I only got a picture of the back of his head.  The children who were nearby found this hilarious.  Finally, he crowed when the camera was on, focused, and pointed at his face.

These are the pictures I’ve taken from the side of the road when I’ve been driving around the past two days.

Yesterday on the drive to Westminster:

Today on the drive home from the movie theater:

Same thing in Black and White:

This is the tree at the end of my street:


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