Corduroy Pants, Crooked Teeth, and Pink Milk

As soon as I’m done here, I’m going to sit around on the couch eating popcorn, drinking pink milk, and watching Survivors with Darling Husband.  Yes, we’re still watching Survivors.  The one from the 70’s, where the men run around in too-tight corduroy pants that make swish-swish noises while they run. Really–you can hear it. They weren’t as good with audio editing in the 70’s.  Those pants are loud. You can get the DVDs from Netflix.

The best part of the show?  Everyone has crooked teeth.  You don’t notice how everyone on tv has perfect teeth until you watch older stuff.  People were so adorable with their crooked teeth.

I think I’ll photoshop everyone to have crooked teeth in all the pictures I take of them, just so they look more adorable.  With a service like that, I really could start charging people!  “Teeth too straight?  Not been called ‘adorable’ since before your braces?  Afraid to smile for fear of blinding others?  No need to fret, for just $149.99 per tooth, you can have those adorable, yellow, crooked teeth back again.  Overbites not included.”


Didn’t have a picture of the day until Boy7 pointed out the window and insisted that I take a shot of the clouds in the sky.  Normally I don’t like cloud pictures, but he was so proud of himself for spotting them that I took the picture to make him happy.

I made them dark and menacing, just for fun.

If I wasn’t rushing to get this done so I could eat my popcorn, I’d go back and edit the picture to be crooked.


Oo! A comment!

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