Neither slugs nor worms shall hinder This Pumpkin Love

We went on our annual homeschool field trip to the Pumpkin Patch, which is only a few miles from my home.  No, we never see the Great Pumpkin, but we are delightfully horrified to find little slugs and wormy things on the bottoms of our pumpkins every year.

I love pumpkins.  No, not to eat them.  They’re pretty gross to eat, but I love everything else about them.  There’s something so pleasing about a pumpkin, it makes my little heart just about pop to be near them.  I’ll try to keep my obsessive love of pumpkins under control for this post.

This is Heather, who owns the farm, giving the presentation.  You’ve seen Heather on The Blog before.  I bump into her at various Homeschool Events and she’s friends with Vince and his 42 children.

This is her daughter who was her assistant during the presentation.   Look at the long pumpkin vine!  Isn’t it great!   Yes–her coat really was that neon color.

I missed what this little plant is, but it’s so amazingly perfect.  It looks like a miniature carved pumpkin.  It’s a little smaller than my puny tomato that I showed you a few days ago.  I’m not usually at a loss for words on The Blog, but word cannot tell you how much I love this little plant thing.  This Pumpkin Love is not rational, people.

And then, because I couldn’t resist (could not resist) here’s a series of pumpkin pictures.  I might have to post some more tomorrow.  You can never post too many pumpkin pictures.

P.S.  Darling Husband asked, “Did you use tilt shift on those pictures?”  No, I did not.  But for some of them I used a zoom lens.  Tina (hot rod car owner, person who let me tag along on her photoshoot) insisted on letting me borrow her zoom lens.  I’m loving what it does to these pictures.  I’m thinking I need to get me my own zoom lens.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Yes, you would.  Maybe The Great Pumpkin will bring me one for Halloween.


4 thoughts on “Neither slugs nor worms shall hinder This Pumpkin Love

  1. The little papery flower is called a Chinese Lantern, they start out orange and then can turn into that cool papery textured lantern.

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