A Vamp, A Cook, A Baker, A Stylist, A Photographer, And A Trouble Maker

Today was the Last Soup Day.

I’ve eaten soup for lunch at Barbetta’s house every other week for about 80,000 years.  That’s a lot of soup!

I thought Barbetta was getting her Nurse Practitioner degree so she could use the diploma as a snazzy decoration for her wall, but nope–she got the degree so she could get a job as a Nurse Practitioner. Go figure!

She starts her new job on Monday, which means she won’t be hosting Soup anymore.

And Wendy started up a daycare business, so she’s not available either.

And Kris went ahead and put in for more hours at her job, so she’s not available either.

Instead of soup, we’ve decided to have Hair Cut Night every 6 weeks so that Sandy can still cut our hair. Plus Bunco nights at Wendy’s every other month.

Hey!  Guess what I found out today about Sandy!  Turns out that Sandy cut some famous guy’s hair.  Oh, what was his name?  I can’t remember!  Doesn’t matter.  I’ll tell the story anyway:

Ok–so there’s this guy who has a show on MTV.  He’s a dirt bike guy with his very own show.  Well, Sandy had never heard of him, but he comes into the salon where she works.

He sits in her chair with his dirt bike guy hair and she’s chit-chatting with him and finds out that he rides around on his dirt bike all day.  So, she tells him, “Dude!  You need to settle down and get yourself a real job!  You can’t make money riding a dirt bike all day!”

He just chuckled to himself, because he knows he’s making MILLIONS with his MTV show, riding around on his dirt bike all day, and here’s this hairdresser giving him career advice and she has no idea who he is.

Apparently, he found it refreshing because he always went back to Sandy after that for all his haircuts.

Isn’t that s a cool story?!  I can’t believe I been giving her such a hard time about my bangs.  “Sandy! Don’t cut my bangs too short!”  She’d roll her eyes at me and say, “Jackie–why do you doubt me?  We have this conversation every single time and I’ve never cut them too short.”

I guess if she’s good enough for Millionaire Dirt-Bike Guy, she’s good enough for me.  And I’m positive she doesn’t charge me as much as she charged him.  So, nyah to you, Mr. Millionaire Dirt-Bike Guy.

Since it was the Last Soup Day Ever, I took pictures.  Wendy wasn’t able to come because she had daycare kids.  I am so upset about that!  Wendy isn’t in any of the pictures!

Lisa and Traci came totally unprepared for portraits, but were good-natured about it and let me take their pictures even though they didn’t feel confident that they looked their best.  Thank you guys!

Well…here are the pictures.  As you all know, I’m very new to the whole ‘group shot’ thing and all I can see are the flaws in the pictures, but I’m learning.  Hopefully, you won’t notice the flaws as much as I do.  (Mostly to do with lighting and sharpness of the images.)

Each picture is of the same thing, but I made them move from location to location so I could get some practice.  In each shot:

Barbetta is holding the soup pot.

Traci is holding the (chocolate with peanut butter frosting) cupcakes that she brought.

Sandy is holding her scissors and a comb.

Lisa is getting her hair cut.  Lisa is the one who tells all the silly jokes, but also gives really wise advice.  How do you take a picture of that?  So…she’s getting her hair cut.

Kris is vamping it up for the camera.  I made her do it.  She doesn’t normally vamp for the camera.  But since she loves fashion and her hair was all fluffed up today, she got the role of “vamp.”

I’m the one with the little camera.


Picture of the Day:

Took some new friends to Li’s Buffet.  They’re from Buffalo, New York and needed to go to Li’s.

P.S.  Michael pointed out that if you google “Li’s Buffet Gettysburg” images that quite a number of my Blog Pictures show up.  Not all of them are mine, but 19 of them are!  (19!!!)

Apparently, whenever I tag something “Li’s Buffet” it pulls one of the pictures from the blog and puts it in Google images, even if it’s not a picture of Li’s Buffet.  That’s how the picture of my wooden table got in there.  Isn’t that a great table?


ETA:  If anyone’s interested, it looks like the Millionaire Dirt Bike Guy must be Travis Pastrana.  He’s from Annapolis, MD, and Sandy was cutting hair in Annapolis at the time.


6 thoughts on “A Vamp, A Cook, A Baker, A Stylist, A Photographer, And A Trouble Maker

  1. Great photos- can you work on taking off 10 lbs around my waist when you edit. The swing set one is awesome- Could you send me a copy after you photo shop Wendy into it!

  2. So wished i hadn’t read the blog. Now i am sooooooo sad I couldn’t make it. I should have just come over for a few minutes for the photos. 😦 I demand a redo.

    • I was going to have you holding a Thirty-One bag.

      I’m up for a redo if everyone else is. Then, Lisa and Traci would have time to fix their hair and we could get Kris to wear some sort of evening wear. And maybe Barbetta and Traci could wear aprons. And Sandy could be wearing Stylist Clothes and I could be holding a better camera (that was Peter’s camera). There wasn’t much time for props because I didn’t come up with the idea for the photo shoot until I was pulling onto Barbetta’s street.

    • Oooo! Nominated for a major award! I don’t know if I accept them or not. Is there are turnaround time?? Because I’ll have to come up with all those answers and questions and that takes time…

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