An October Miracle, Red Gumballs, and Feeding the Borrowers

If you’ll recall, I bought two picked-over dried up beefsteak tomato plants late this past spring.  After they sat around in the yard for a couple of weeks, roots bursting out of their plastic pots, Darling Husband, possessed by a fit of domesticity, planted them.  Over the course of the remainder of the summer, I watered them about, oh, four times–maybe?  They promptly produced one fruit each and then keeled over, gasping.

A few days ago, I was washing dishes and noticed a splash of red in the yard.  ‘What could that be?’ I wondered.

I gave a double blink just to be sure, but yes!  A third tomato!  It’s an October miracle!  I gathered the family to my side and we gazed out of the window at this unexpected abundance of fruit.  No one felt like actually going outside and crossing the entire yard to look at it.

Over the course of the next few days I considered all the recipes I would make with The Tomato as the featured item.  Things like: tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches,  mozzarella/tomato/garlic pies, salads and soups.  We would eat well this week.

Feast your eyes on this beauty from my garden:

But, let’s back up a little bit, because that’s not really how the tomato looks.  I’ll explain:

I woke up, exercised, showered and made my way to the kitchen, where I saw a big red gumball.  A red gumball?  Where did it come from?  Did Darling Husband bring home red gumballs from work?  Did the kids get it at Sunday School?  Why wasn’t it in the candy drawer?  I picked it up to put it away…and it was smooshy.

It wasn’t a gumball.  It was the tomato.  Boy10 had picked it and brought it inside.  Look:

Does this look like a beefsteak tomato to you?  No.  No, it does not.  No tomato and mayo sandwiches, mozza/tom/garlic pie, salad or soups for us.  We will have to eat Capn Crunch for dinner every night this week.  And if we’re not careful, we might mistake the tomato for a crunchberry.

This evening, as I washed the dishes, I noted two circles of green on the gasping, withered tomato vine.  Perhaps tomorrow I will pick these tiny, green tomatoes and fry them up for the Borrowers that live in my grandfather clock.  I’m sure they’ll make a hearty meal for them.


2 thoughts on “An October Miracle, Red Gumballs, and Feeding the Borrowers

  1. This reminds me of the garden we had when I was a child. My dad loved cherry tomatoes and would come out to the garden every day after work looking for some. Sadly for Dad, my siblings and I (6 of us at the time) would eat them all during the day while we played outside. He always looked so dejected. enjoy your tomato gumball.

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