Fussy Women, BooCoo Bucks, and Cracker Jack Box Licenses

As you may or may not know, I carry Alex (my camera) with me everywhere I go.  Alex is a little beefy and sometimes I wish he’d lose a little weight, because he’s heavy.  He really can’t drink whole milk if he wants to.  He should switch to 2%.

At first, my friends were horrified that I carried Alex with me everywhere I go because I kept trying to take their pictures.  But somewhere over the past year and a half since I started learning photography, the seesaw has tipped the other way, and now they want their pictures taken.

For instance, I arrived at Wendy’s Bunco party on Friday night and I barely got a “hello.”  No.  Instead, when I walked in the door, I heard an urgent, “Alex is here!’ and next thing I knew, the women were fussing over Alex, posing, and fluttering their eyelashes at him.  See, Sandy was at the Bunco party giving out haircuts, and everyone Looked Good and Wanted Their Picture Taken.

Darling Husband has given me dire predictions about all this.  “You watch out!  Soon, you won’t be able to go anywhere without people swarming you for computer advice!  I mean…photographs!”

Somehow, word got out on the street that Darling Husband knows his way around a computer and now he has to dash from the house to the car wearing sunglasses and scarves, lest someone spot him and fling computer-related questions his way.  It’s brutal.  One of the questions caught him on the side of the head and he had to lie down for the rest of the day and watch tv and completely not mow the lawn.

Darling Husband cautioned me that soon I’ll have to threaten to charge people Real Live American Dollars for their pictures or I’ll never get a moments’ peace for the rest of my days.

But I told him I’m still in the basket weave stage.

Basket weave stage?

Yes, basket weave stage. When Traci, of Traci Cake fame, first started making cakes, all she could do was make the sides of the cake look like a basket.  Wedding cake?  White basket weave.  Birthday cake?  Pink basket weave.  Graduation cake?  School colors basket weave.  She pretty much only asked for the costs of supplies for the cakes she made for people.

Of course, now that has all changed, and her cakes are much more beautiful and she has lots of experience and she gets paid boocoo bucks for her expertise.

But I’m not quite there yet.  I’m at the basket weave stage.  Well, for portraits, anyway.  If you call me and say, “Hey, Lizard!  Can you stop by and take a rockin’ good picture of my dinner plate at Li’s Buffet?” I could totally charge you for that.  I’m getting really good at still lifes.  I am waaay beyond the basket weave stage for a still life.  But, oddly enough, no one is calling me asking for pictures of their dinner plate at Li’s Buffet.

Aside: Speaking of dinner plates…we were too far away from Li’s today, so we had to go to Lu’s Buffet.  Here’s my plate of dinner:

Look at that picture!  That’s a rockin’ good pictures of a dinner plate!

Not that I’m angling to get paid or anything, but I’ve realized that while I’ve progressed nicely with still lifes, I’m hit or miss with portraits. Sometimes they’re great and sometimes they’re dreadful.  I mean, what are people supposed to do with their arms anyway?  Beats me!  But when you’re the one with the camera, people kinda of expect that you know these things.  But I don’t.  I’m starting to think that I did get my photography license from a cracker jack box.

So, today, Tina –remember her: she owned the hot rod cars from a couple of weeks ago?– took pictures of her sister’s family for their Christmas cards.  She offered for me to come along and watch her as she directed her photo shoot.

I jumped at the chance.

I learned a ton of stuff from watching her.  And after she set up each shot and got her picture, she let me take a picture, too.  Thank you to Tina and family for letting me tag along and take all those extra pictures.  I hope your lips recover soon from the two hours of non-stop smiling for the camera.


6 thoughts on “Fussy Women, BooCoo Bucks, and Cracker Jack Box Licenses

  1. that really is a great photo of a plate- maybe you could get a job taking pictures for food magazines. The pictures always look amazing – yet when I make- not so much!

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