In Which I Rant about Freezing and Thawing all in the Same Post

Heading out to Wendy’s Bunco Party in about 20 minutes.  No, I will not play Bunco.  I’m only going for the food.

I’m not playing Bunco for two reasons:

1.  I don’t like playing Bunco.

2.  I have to go to bed early.

Why do I have to go to bed early?

Because I’m getting up early to head to Gettysburg with Photo Club to take pictures of fall leaves at sunrise.

Temperature at sunrise?  29 degrees.

Oh, for crying out loud!  That’s cold!  Freezing cold!

I’ve spent the last twenty minutes gathering my gear:  tripod, hand warmers, extra battery, toe warmers, flash, hat, lens cleaner, mittens.

Speaking of freezing cold, I went into the basement to get the zucchini bread.  When I was planning this field trip I asked, “What should we do about food?” and the bemused answer was, “What?  Food?  Everyone can fend for themselves.”

Well, that’s no fun!  What kind of answer is that?  I mean, it’s all about the food!  Bunco parties, leaf pictures, whatever…ya gotta have food.

So, I went into the basement to the chest freezer to get the frozen zucchini bread to share with everyone.  Open the freezer.  Oh yuck!  What’s that smell?

Somehow or other the freezer got unplugged or something, and everything was completely thawed and stinky.

Dang it!  No impromptu zucchini bread party at dawn.  I guess we’ll be fending for ourselves.

Darling Husband came home and started sorting through the thawed food and came bursting up the stairs, “Look!  The Italian ices are ok!  We can refreeze them!”  Yeah, I’ll take them with me on the 29 degree field trip and freeze them for our snack.

Yes, I’m a little bitter about all this.

Well, at least I have Bunco food to look forward to.  Bye, all!


4 thoughts on “In Which I Rant about Freezing and Thawing all in the Same Post

    • 32? That’s not as bad as 29. I’d planned on wearing my red vest so that if the trees were all green (which they are), I would offer to stand in the distance in my red vest so there would be some sort of color in everyone’s pictures

      That’s not happening now. I’m wearing a long coat and hat and scarf, and I’m not taking the coat off until 11AM.

  1. Wow. I don’t mean to be critical, but here in Utah we don’t even bring out the cardigans until it’s 29 degrees. Don’t you have real winter there? 😉

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