Flowers are Pretty. Bugs are Gross.

So, I was in a particularly girlie mood today and cut some roses from the rosebush to bring them inside.  Aww.  I put them in my adorable little jar that I saved for just such an occasion, with a doily underneath.

Of course, they needed their picture taken.

Hmm.  Too dark.  I’ll turn on the light.

Try landscape for fun.

Close up.

Wait.  What is that thing on the rosebud??


Ahhhh!  The pretty little flowers are covered with monstrous bugs!

Zoomed waaaaay in and sharpened to show the monstrosities:

Oh, that’s just so disgusting.

I cannot begin to tell you how irritated I get with nature.  Ugh.  I tossed the pretty little roses back out in the yard.  Stupid flowers.  Stupid nature.  I’m staying inside from now on.


Oo! A comment!

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