Naked trees and Flaming Dolphins

Started the day early so I could scout out potential locations for Photo Club’s Fall Leaves photo shoot.  After I staggered out of bed, I waffled over whether or not I should hop in the car in my pink stripey pajamas or change into regular clothing.

In the end, I threw on some old workout clothes, gathered my wings under a baseball cap and headed out the door, boys in tow.  Ate a really gross hash brown from McDonald’s for breakfast, thereby already breaking my resolve not to eat until I figure out what I actually want to eat.  I did not want to eat that hash brown.

Off we went to Little Round Top, which I was sure would be perfect for fall leaf pictures.  If I did this right, I could be back home in under an hour and might have time for a little nap.

But Little Round Top wasn’t perfect.

Maybe the covered bridge?

Nope.  There were a few regular trees, but mostly it was surrounded by evergreens or naked trees.  Did you catch that?  Evergreens or naked trees.  Not so good for a photo shoot of fall leaves.  See the naked tree below:

But while I was there, I got this shot:

It’s the picture of the bridge that everyone snaps.  I’ve seen this exact same shot on Kevin’s Facebook page and Melissa’s Facebook page and every other photographer’s Facebook page within a 50 mile radius.

So…Little Round Top: fail.  Covered bridge: fail.  Now what?

Drove in random circles around the battlefields.  Fail, fail, fail.

My last resort was Culp’s Hill. There’s a tiny little trail on Culp’s hill.  And a tower.  And boulders.  And monuments.  Can’t go wrong with Culp’s hill.  Here’s a quick snapshot that I took.  It’s pretty boring, but there’s potential.

Got home at 10:30, starving.  Didn’t feel like cooking, but was hungry, so I ate the two-day leftover tuna helper and the week old leftover succotash.

And then we realized that it’s Claude’s birthday today.  Claude’s birthday!

So, obviously, we all schlepped out to dinner at Li’s buffet.  Outside of Li’s Buffet, Darling Husband struck up a spontaneous friendship with this guy and his ’68 MGB.

Darling Husband has a 74 MG Midget and he loves that thing.  He can talk with other MG owners for hours, trading stories about the electrical system catching on fire and almost accidentally driving under a tractor trailer.  (MG Midgets are teeny-tiny cars.)

Claude, Kendra, all six children, and I were in the restaurant while Darling Husband had a lengthy conversation with this guy.  Darling Husband was gone for so long that Claude suspected that he and the old man were cruising around Gettysburg in the MG, hair blowing in the wind, maybe stopping for ice cream at Mr. G’s.

Li’s was packed and they had to put two tables together to fit us all in.  Adding the extra table placed us so close to the buffet that Darling Husband could reach over and grab the Chinese donuts right out of the pan without standing up.  Now that’s premier service, people!

Claude was the happy recipient of the Birthday Dolphin.  We’ve had enough birthdays at Li’s Buffet that we’ve probably eaten a good 10 Birthday Dolphins.

This isn’t the best picture I took tonight, but I find it amusing.  All those hands.

If you’ll note, the dolphin’s eyes are made from matchsticks.  After 10 Birthday Dolphins, Darling Husband finally could stand it no longer and insisted that we set the matchsticks aflame.  You can tell that the poor dolphin is screaming.  This picture is disturbing.

And uh….it’s 11:50.  I only have 10 minutes to get this posted or I’ll have the wrong date stamp on it.  So…until tomorrow.  Which starts in about 10 minutes…


2 thoughts on “Naked trees and Flaming Dolphins

    • Definitely! I like the way they do that dish where the food comes out on a skillet with tortilla shells…oh, what’s that called? I can’t remember, but they do a really good job with that. I can’t wait.

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