Early to Bed, Early to Rise is Great. It’s the Late to Bed, Early to Rise That’s Trouble.

Me: Sooooo.  I set the alarm early this morning.

You: No!  Lizard!  You didn’t!

Me: Oh, yes I did.  I set the alarm early.

You: Why?!

Me: Because in a couple of weeks, Photo Club is going to get up before the crack of dawn and meet on the Gettysburg battlefields to take pictures of fall leaves at sunrise.

You:  Whose dumb idea was that, Lizard?

Me:  I hate to admit it, but it was mine.  And since it was my idea, I’m kinda stuck scouting for the best location on the battlefields.  I need to find a place that has a tree line in the distance fully lit by the rising sun, with some sort of “item of interest” in the foreground.  A monument, a statue, a disoriented soldier ghost–something.

So, I set the alarm early and dragged myself out of the bed and brushed my teeth.

And then looked out of the window.  And heaved a world weary sigh.  Look at the sky:

Fog and full cloud coverage.  I can’t tell if the sun’s even up, much less where it’s rising rays will fall on a tree line.  Instead of heading back to bed, I ate some Frankenberry and read a book.

I’ll have to try again another morning.


The last of the cars. All that’s left is the motorcycle:

1932 Ford 5 window Coupe from the front:

Same car from the side:

This is a picture of Boy10 by the car.  I can’t take full credit for this.  Kendra posed Boy10 and I snuck up behind her and snapped the picture.  She should get the credit for the shot.

Thank you Kendra.


3 thoughts on “Early to Bed, Early to Rise is Great. It’s the Late to Bed, Early to Rise That’s Trouble.

  1. Great car shots! I don’t think mine would have looked that good if I had come along. 😉 I’m not whining, btw, I’m just sayin’!

    • Thanks, Becky. I think you’d have gotten some good shots, too. We’d have given you pointers if you needed them. Well, maybe. Everyone gets really intense at these things. We all tend to get into our own little world and ignore everyone else. Rick, the car owner, said to me later, “Everyone was so serious. I thought you’d all come and snap a few pictures, but you guys were pretty intense.” I told him that we goof around in our regular meetings, but when we have a chance to put all our knowledge to use we take it pretty seriously. Did I ever tell you about when we went to the courthouse? I’ll tell you in person, or write an entire post about it another day. It’s too long for a comment.

      • I do remember something about the courthouse. I think you all must have told me about it at some point, but I’ve forgotten the details. A post is a good idea.

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