Intense Boss vs Somewhat Lazy Boss, More Cars, and an Infestation of Boys

I used to have a very intense boss.  She never walked anywhere.  She stormed.   She barged.  She stomped.  With big loud clomp-clomp-clomps she would shake the floors as she galumphed through the office.  I’d feel the floor vibrating as she came my way and would pray that it wasn’t me she was coming for.  But alas, for the first few months working for her, she was almost always headed my way.

Before I transferred to her department, I had worked for a laid back, low key boss who never expected much from us.  Which meant we didn’t know a thing about how to do our jobs, but we didn’t know that we didn’t know.  No feedback, ever, will do that to an employee.

So when I got my new job with my new intense boss–the job where I was supposed to be the expert that everyone could go to for answers–I was suddenly confronted with the fact that I knew nothing.  Nothing!

But there was no way I was going to admit it!

So, Deb would come storming around the corner, fill up my cubicle with her larger-than-life energy, and pelt me with questions, “Why did the computer do this wrong?  Why didn’t you override it?  How long will you take to fix it?  What do you plan on doing so it doesn’t happen again?”  “Uh…”  I never had a clue how to answer her. Oh, the headaches that woman gave me.

But the story has a happy ending.  Since I didn’t want to get fired, I buckled down and learned everything there was to know about that stinkin’ job.  And I mean everything.  I became the expert I was supposed to be.

Then I got a new job as the trainer and went back to my original department and implemented a training program to teach my old coworkers how to do their jobs.  Dang it, I was good.  They should have given me a raise and a bonus!  Oh wait…they did.  *smug smirk*

Anyway…today was a day of feeling like my old boss was storming around the house.

I was playing with my car pictures and ran into difficulties with my Elements software.  I really hate Elements.  Oh, I like what it’s capable of doing.  I just can’t seem to get it to reach it’s full potential.  It’s like an unmotivated teen-aged boy.  It won’t tell me what it’s thinking and will not lasso what I want it to lasso.  Oh, how I hate that lasso feature!  It should work, but it doesn’t.

It’s like when I first worked for Deb–I knew something needed to be done, but had no idea how to make it happen.  Elements is like that.  I know what it’s capable of doing, but I can’t make it work.  It drives me crazy and I end up running my hands through my hair in despair.  So now my hair is sticking up everywhere and I look ugly.  I’ll probably get a pimple from the stress.

But…car pictures:

This is a 1939 Ford pick up.  The headlights were not turned on in this picture, so I managed, after promises to let Elements play computer games all day long tomorrow, to cut and paste lit headlights from another picture onto this one.

Here’s the same picture in color and without the cut and pasted headlights.  In color, the headlights from the other picture didn’t look right.

Here’s the same truck from another angle.  I couldn’t decide which angle I liked better, so that’s why you see both.

There’s another car and a motorcycle still left to go from the photo shoot.  If you missed the other pictures click on the word “DUSTYLIZARD” at the top of your screen, and then scroll down through the posts.


Picture of the day:

I moved some furniture around so that I can have a chair to read in by the fire when it’s cold enough to make a fire.

I put the grandfather clock, which used to be where the chair now is, behind the couch next to the table that I wrote about ages ago (click here).

We left some food out on the counter too long and it attracted these boys into the house.  We’ll have to get some Boy Spray at Ace Hardware tomorrow.  Boys are so messy.


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