Drool, Sulky Arms, The Miracle of the Transforming Pie, and More Oddly Decorated Cakes

I slept the afternoon away on the lazy boy recliner in the living room.  I woke up by choking on some drool.  Not only had I taken a nap, but so had my arm.  Apparently, my gagging and choking noises disturbed my arm.   Arms are sulky and downright mean when you wake them up from their afternoon naps, and it proceeded to do that tingly-painful thing arms do when they wake up groggy and crabby.  Ouch.

Before my nap, the family met at Darling Husband’s parents house because my nephew from Florida is in town.  There I was taking pictures of my lunch and I caught him across the table grinning at the camera.  Gasp!  A willing victim!  I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by, so I nabbed him for some picture taking.

He wanted a picture by a window in black and white and I wanted to practice some outdoor shots, so here are both:

Damian is one of the nicest people I know.  He’s a nephew by marriage so I first met him when he was about 7 years old.  He’s 19 now.  I remember thinking what a sweet child he was.  This was before I had kids, so that’s saying a lot.  Back then, I didn’t think kids were ever sweet.  They all seemed so wild and scary.  Like maybe if I were left alone with a gang of them, they’d tie me to a tree in the backyard and do war dances around me, hooting, and making fun of my clothes.  Or wait…did that actually happen…?

But back to Damian–I hoped that if I ever ended up with kids, they’d be like him.  I like him a lot.

I have a very difficult time with outdoor shots in full sunlight.  Does everyone else have trouble with those, too?  Or am I just completely inept?  We’ve gone over this and over this in photo club and I feel like I’m still missing something.  I think it’s called an ‘off camera flash’.  Maybe for Christmas.

Here’s a picture of the miracle peach pie we had for dessert.  Apparently, it used to be a cherry pie.  Dad told us something about Mom going out late at night to the sand mound in the backyard and placing the cherry pie on the broken satellite dish altar and intoning the magic words and voila: peach pie.

Or, maybe it was just that mom meant to buy the cherry pie, but grabbed the peach one instead.  Something like that.

Mom’s cupcake decorating skills are familiar.  I do have to say she has sheer exuberance going for her.  Don’t those cupcakes look happy with their squiggles of frosting and jumbles of sprinkles?

Still working on my car pictures.  If you recall from yesterday, Photo Club got to take pictures of Rick and Tina’s four hot rod cars and their motorcycle.  I played with my picture of the second car today:




1932 Ford 5 window coupe



2 thoughts on “Drool, Sulky Arms, The Miracle of the Transforming Pie, and More Oddly Decorated Cakes

  1. I like the pics Jackie, great job!! I have to correct one thing though, Damien is 19 lol….but heck I will take him at 18 as that makes me a year younger lol, woo hoo I gained another year….thank you Jackie 😀

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