Step Aside Traci, I Made a Jacki Cake Today and LOOK at my car picture!

Freedlife wrote a comment on yesterday’s blog.  I have no idea who Freedlife is, but he must be a really awesome person, since he reads my blog and even leaves comments.  He probably rescues puppies in his spare time.

Here’s what he wrote:

“What!!!!!!?????? No food pictures????? I’m shocked. And hungry, too.”

Who am I to deny my devoted readers what they ask for?  Especially comment writers.


First, I bought a gift for someone that involved chocolates.  But, there was only room to give her eight chocolates…so I simply had to keep the rest.  You understand, Laura…don’t you?  Here are the chocolates I kept:

At the party where I gave Laura her chocolates, there was a Traci cake.  I really like the cakes where she puts spiral thingees on the cakes.  (I had to write “thingees’ because I don’t know how to spell curlie-ques.  Curly-q’s?  Curli-cues?)

Traci cake:

And breakfast quiche:

And the Most Amazing Mozzarella/Tomato/Garlic pie thingee ever.  I had thirds.  And I wrote a note to myself in the little notebook I carry with me everywhere I go, “Bug Ada incessantly on Facebook until she gives me the recipe for her Most Amazing Mozzarella/Tomato/Garlic pie thingee.”

At the end of the day, I made a cake.  It’s a Jackie Cake.  (Jacki Cake?) :

Oh, what a beautiful cake!  I expect to receive a phone call from Traci within an hour of posting this.  She’ll say, “Jackie!  I saw your cake on your blog! Please, please let me sit at your feet and learn everything you have to impart about cake making!”

But wait, Traci, there’s more.  Here’s the intricate icing job on the top.  Inspiring!

Ok, ok.  So, I’m really bad at cake decorating.  Let’s look at something I’m actually getting pretty good at:

1930 Ford model A

Oooo!  Yes, yes I did take that picture.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Stop and stare at it for awhile.  That’s what I’m going to do.  I’m not going to type anymore until we all stop and stare at this beautiful picture. Will you look at the way the lights on the headlight shoot out in a starburst?  Oh, that’s just lovely.  How about the English countryside that we had imported just for the day?  We didn’t get any English sheep dotting the hill in the background.  They were extra.

Photo Club had the opportunity to take pictures of four very old cars and a motorcycle from 1930-something.  We had a great time.  And I’m so glad all my clothes are photography-ready, because I had to lie around in grass and gravel.  Remember how I told you I’ll only buy clothes that can withstand me lying around in mud or on oily parking lots, etc?

Today, every single one of us ended up lying down flat on the grass and gravel to take our pictures.  Grass leaves stains and gravel hurts.  Especially when you prop your elbows up in it.  Ouch.  But it was totally worth it because the pictures turned out really nice.

This is Tina.  Isn’t she lovely?  Her eyes are so pretty.  She’s planning on coming to Photo Club soon, so I’m sure I’ll have more pictures of her.  You know the rule: if you come to Photo Club, you will be photographed.

She and her husband own the cars.  She said something about how much they like having guests visit.  Sounds like she wanted me to invite myself over for dinner, don’t you think?  Yes.  Yes, you do.  And so do I.  I’ll bring dessert: a Jacki Cake.  They’ll love it.


4 thoughts on “Step Aside Traci, I Made a Jacki Cake Today and LOOK at my car picture!

    • The quiche was really good! And I’m not normally an egg person. There was enough spinach in it to offset the eggs. And the crust was yummy.

      The cake was tasty, even if it was oddly shaped.

      I used a box cake mix, and it didn’t get as runny as they usually do. In fact, when I poured it into the pan, the mix just sat there in a heap. I thought it would spread out to fill the pan in the oven (like a banana bread), but it didn’t. Both layers baked into round lumpy balls.

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