Before and After Pictures

Though some photographers vehemently disagree, I think that one of the best parts of digital photography is finding pictures that you can totally and recklessly alter with editing software.  Sometimes you just gotta let your creative side run free.  (Freeeeee!)

For instance, I took a spider picture and a mushroom picture today that were perfect for playing with in the editing software.  I wanted to show you the before and after picture for the spider and mushroom, and decided to show you the before and after images for all my pictures today.

So…here goes.

First:  Started off the day at the first homeschool co-op of the year.  A homeschool cooperative is where a bunch of homeschooled kids get together for group classes taught by the parents.  Some co-ops are very formal, some are very casual.  The one I go to is somewhere in the middle.

Below is a picture of two kids at the co-op.  I’ve known these kids for a while and liked how the older brother was so tickled with himself for giving his little brother bunny ears.  These were taken in the hideous gym with the abysmal lighting.

Before (truth be told, it’s a little edited–I sloppily removed a name tag) :

After (in this one I didn’t remove the entire tag…just the part with the child’s name) :

We ended the day with the kids testing for their next belt in karate.  They each broke their board and earned their yellow belt.  Here they are putting on their yellow belts for the first time.



And here they are with their teachers.  The lighting was tricky, but not as bad as in the gym.  I had to bump up my ISO to 50 bazillion and even then, the shutter speed was only 1/25.



And somewhere in the middle of the day, there was this lovely hanging outside my window.



Wait!  I did two after pictures for the spider.  I like the above one better, but here’s my other after shot:

Last are these mushrooms outside of Target.  Before:

And after being processed through Wonderland:

That’s all, guys.  No humor today.  Just a few before and after shots.


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