Mutiny in the Lizard’s Lair

Darling Husband was off work today, so he took the picture.

He wasn’t very happy about it.  I think I gave him too many instructions all at once.

“Frame it from the top of my head to just under the scarf…*click*…no, not like that–you have to include the window, too…*click*…it’s blurry–look for the little red dot–yes, there is a little red dot, you have to hold down the button halfway to find it…*click*…no, no!  You framed it wrong, didn’t you hear what I said? Just to the top of my head…*click*…No, that’s all wrong, let me change the zoom…*click*…you have to tell me when you’re going to take it…are you taking it *click* yet?…I was talking in that one, take it *click* again…”

It wasn’t going well.

It was meant to be a picture of me wearing my scarf and Steelers hat by the window that Darling Husband opened so that the arctic air could get inside our house, a la Doctor Zhivago.

You ever see Doctor Zhivago?  There’s a scene where the husband of the house got too hot mowing the lawn in the middle of a Russian September, so he opened the window, and the next thing everyone knew, the entire house was covered with half a foot of snow on the inside.  They all had to wear their scarves and football hats until they could convince the Darling Husband to shut the window!  

In a very emotional scene that won five Academy Awards, the shivering wife begged the husband, “Darling Husband…please, shut the window!  For the children!  Do it…for the children!”  Meanwhile, the Darling Husband was wiping his brow and had freshly mown grass stuck in his beard.  “But, my wife, if they’re cold they can always put on more clothes, while I can’t take any more off!”  And the wife wails, “Then how can we continue to be together?!”  And she runs to the train station and flings herself under the train.

I meant for him to take a picture of me standing in front of the window simply looking at the camera.  Not attempting to smile or be cheesy.  Just looking.

But Boy10 kept dancing about trying to get me to laugh, which made me turn and say, “Would you knock it *click* off!  Hey!  I wasn’t ready!  I was yelling at Boy10!  Take the picture again!”

But Darling Husband and the boys were too busy congratulating themselves that they messed up my “simply looking at the camera” picture.  Then, in a show of mutiny, Darling Husband flatly refused to work with me on picture taking anymore (I might have heard the word ‘bossy’ but I can’t prove it) and I was too lazy to set up the tripod.

So…picture of the day:  Me, freezing in the house in the middle of September, wearing my hat and scarf.

And now we have two, yes two, Doctor Who episodes to catch up on.  And a brand new bag of popcorn waiting to be eaten.  So, I’m signing off until tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Mutiny in the Lizard’s Lair

  1. I love that movie. It’s my favorite movie, ever, especially the scene of the mother and the boy in their scarves and football hats, her in her Moscow Reds hat and him in his Leningrad Saints hat (get it?)
    I’m tearing up as I write this.
    BTW. I need to be back home by 9:00 o’clock after the photo shoot, to watch the season final episode of Dr.Who.

    • Moscow Reds/Leningrad Saints–got it.

      I know that’s your favorite movie. I was thinking of you when I wrote this and hoping I was accurate with the finer plot details.

      9:00 on Saturday. Doctor Who is Must-See TV.

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