A Good Man Doesn’t Yell At You When You Make Him Late Because You’re Having a Photography Moment

Started the day off by going to church.

The service starts at 8:00 and we flung ourselves into the car at 7:52…which is when I noticed the spiderweb hanging off the side mirror.

Screeching halt!

Just so you know, if I’m ever late to an event, I can guarantee it’s because I’m either having a medical emergency or taking a picture.  Normally I hate being late.

And so does Darling Husband.

So, while I took a few frantic shots (7:53!), Darling Husband practiced his calming breathing techniques.  He didn’t say a single word about me taking pictures with only 7 minutes to go before the service began and the car wasn’t even started yet. ‘Course that could be because he was clenching his jaw so hard he couldn’t unclench it enough to splutter at me.  I’m sure the nervous tic will resolve itself in a few days.

The pictures turned out pretty bad, because we had to go.  See:

Wait a minute…people use their photo editing software to make pictures look somewhat like this on purpose.  I’ll use the software to make my bad picture work.  Like this:

After church, we always stop at the grocery store and Darling Husband buys stuff for his work lunches and the boys get donuts.

But I really hate going into the grocery store.

Darling Husband rarely goes grocery shopping and he only sees the glamorous side of grocery shopping.  I, on the other hand, am tired of the long hours on the set and in hair and makeup and realize that grocery shopping is actually hard work.  I avoid going in the grocery store whenever possible.

So, this is a picture of my donut on my lap in the car, which is where I sat and ate and quietly read while Darling Husband bustled about in the grocery store.

Wait–that picture is no good!  You can barely see the donut!  Here, I’ll help you to see it better:

And yes, it tastes even better than it looks.  You can feel the sugar shocking your system while you eat it.  It’s divine!  And a rare treat.  You guys don’t think I eat this stuff all the time, do you?!  That’s just crazy talk.  I only eat the billion calorie donut every other month or so.

Then, I went out to buy a present.  But the day!  The colors!  The clouds!  So beautiful!  Had to take pictures!

Here’s the lightpost in the parking lot.

Wow, is that ever a boring picture.  It looked so pretty in person, but that’s sure not coming across in the picture. Maybe I can head back to the editing software and do so many edits that I can fool you into thinking it looks artistic:

Are you fooled?

But still–the colors!  The clouds!

I took a detour down a side road so I could take pictures.  The subjects are somewhat boring, but at least they give you a sense of the colors of today:

Ended the day at Li’s Buffet where I stuffed myself with green beans.  No one makes green beans as good as Li’s makes green beans.  No one.  You really should go there sometime.  Tell me when, and I’ll meet you there and I’ll even let you use my chopsticks.  I have a set of 12 chopsticks and I carry them with me all the time.  You just never know when you’ll need a good set of chopsticks.

Dang it!  I just realized we didn’t get our frequent eater card stamped today.  I hate when that happens!


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