You Can’t Make This Stuff Up–Serendipity Strikes Again

If I have to see another sentence fragment again, I’ll.

For the past few weeks, Boy7 has been learning how to tell the difference between complete sentences and sentence fragments.

This morning at 6:30 (eep!) I assessed an essay.  The writer of the essay has a master’s degree, so he’s had 17-18 years of schooling.  This guy was having so much fun writing long, drawn out sentences with lots of beautiful vocabulary words and references to centuries old documents, that by the time he got to the end of the sentences, he never actually finished the sentences.  They were just reeeally long sentence fragments.

And lo and behold, we turn the page in Boy10’s grammar book today and…it’s about sentence fragments. 

So, right now I’m teaching my 2nd grader about fragments, I’m teaching my 5th grader about fragments, and I’m teaching an 18th grader about fragments.

Just make it stop!


But on a good note, I got this email today from someone else whose essays I assessed a few weeks ago:

Dear Best Essay Assessor on the Planet (no, it didn’t really say that),

I PASSED!!!!! I’m an official NYS History Teacher!! 5 years of college and a year of studying!

Thank you for all your help and encouragement! Your and Mrs Valko tutoring surely helped! I recommend brooklynedu to anyone!


Unnamed Student

NYS certified history teacher

Ahem.  It should read “I’d recommend brooklynedu to anyone.”  And I’m pretty sure it should read “Mrs. Valko and your…”

No, I can’t stop critiquing his writing.  He paid me good money to critique his writing, and I’m not stopping now.

I replied:

Dear Unnamed Student!!


I’m so glad to hear that you passed!  Congratulations!  I re-read my assessments on your essays and I was really hard on you. Yikes!  But I’m glad it helped.

Hearing that you passed made my day.  Thanks for letting me know,


Well, would you look at that?  My sentence “Hearing that you passed made my day,” has a green squiggly line under it.  Why does it have a green squiggly line?  What grammatical problem does it have?

I clicked on the green squiggly line and it reads “Fragment (consider revising)”

Are you kidding me!?  People, I totally did not plan this.  I honestly wrote the first part about fragments, and ten minutes later clicked on the squiggle and got the fragment message.

That’s it.  I’m going to bed.  Tomorrow will be better.  There’s no grammar on a Saturday.


Picture of the Day:

I finally got to eat my salsa.  I didn’t have any chips last night, so I had to wait until today to taste it.  It was as good as it looks.  See yesterday’s blog for the recipe.

Went to a small party for Barbetta to celebrate her new CRNP status.  Ate Traci cake:


It’s late, so remind me to tell you tomorrow about running.


8 thoughts on “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up–Serendipity Strikes Again

      • Not really, and it’s very anti-Canadian. I was writing up a paper for Anthropology last night and it told me I had a sentence fragment – now that’s not anti-Canadian (telling me to get rid of all of my extra u’s and french spellings of words was – but I digress) and it wouldn’t give me a suggestion on how to fix it! Bah.. it didn’t look like a sentence fragment to me, and I’m supposed to be an English major ;D I guess I don’t have my degree yet – I’ll take another kick at it today.

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