Gimme My Loot and Do You Have a Second Family We Don’t Know About?

Picture of the Day:

Soup day.


So, I get a message from Bridgette (the owner of the test-prep school).  She writes:

“BTW, the social studies students raved so much about your evaluations that I’ve got people trying to snug in on it. Matthew and Karen were going bonkers about you and the rest started getting jealous!”

And then I get this email from a new student (who hasn’t paid me):

“I joined the class late for the review and Bridgette and every one else in the class recommended I send at least one of my papers to you.  Could you please take a loot at it.  I would really appreciate it.”

Sure, I’ll take some “loot.”  It’s called, “Paying me.” Hopefully the ‘loot’ typo isn’t a harbinger of bad writing to come.  We’ll see.

As gratifying as it is to get positive feedback on the work I do, it also means…I have work to do.  And a lot of it.  They bombarded me with essays today.

Oh–real quick!  I have to tell this story before I go:

Darling Husband went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday tonight with his dad.  A Reader of the Blog was there, recognized Darling Husband and said, “Hey!  It’s Darling Husband!”  And yes, he used the exact words “Darling Husband.”   Darling Husband’s dad was pretty alarmed.  “Darling Husband?  Why did that man call you Darling Husband?”

“It’s a blog thing, Dad.  It’s ok.  I don’t have another family squirreled away.”


Ok–off I go to read essays about Tyranny of the Majority and Industry vs Farming in the late 18th century.


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