And I Can’t Come Up With a Title, Either.

It has finally happened.  Two hundred sixty-three posts into this year long “post a day” adventure, and I finally can’t come up with a thing to write about.

I’ve worried about this day since January 1st.  But now that it’s here, all I can think is, “Gee, I’m kinda hungry.  I think I’ll make a snack and read a book.”

The only picture I have for the ‘picture of the day” is of this dress.  I took a picture of it to post on Facebook to offer it to anyone who wants it.

Now…should I finally eat up those strawberry poptarts I bought 2 months ago or maybe bake those lemon cookie balls that have been in the freezer for a while now?  Or popcorn?  Decisions, decisions…


7 thoughts on “And I Can’t Come Up With a Title, Either.

    • I think it’ll be too big for you. (Aren’t those lovely words!) But if you’re good at taking things in, you can have it. I’ll bring it to soup if no one else wants it before then. I’ll be giving it to Goodwill directly after soup if there are no takers.

    • Size 10.

      Well, it’s at Wendy’s house right now for her daughter to try on. If she doesn’t like it, it goes to Mary’s house for Mary to try on. But Mary is about 6’11, so it’ll be a mini-dress on her. But she’s used to it by now I think.

      If Mary doesn’t like it, I’ll send it on to you!

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