Juggling, Bamboo, and Pictures from the Dressing Room

Photo Club today.  You may think it’s all fun and games at photo club, but actually…

…well, actually it is all fun and games.  See?

This is Scott.  Today he planned to teach us how to photograph Things In Motion, so he brought some balls to Photo Club.  Gerhard asked him, “Can you juggle those?”  Scott said he could, but he was a little rusty.  Tennis balls were flying everywhere, bouncing off people’s heads.  Well, not really, but they might have been.

Apparently we had a failure to communicate.  Scott kept juggling and juggling…and juggling.  Gerhard and I took a few pictures and quickly lost interest.  But Scott kept juggling.  Finally, after juggling forever he gasped out, a little desperately, “Didn’t you get the shot yet?

Gerhard and I looked at each other.

“What?  What shot?  Oh!  Yeah, yeah!  We got the shot!  Thanks for juggling…”

But Scott wasn’t the only one having fun.  After all the juggling, it was Gerhard’s turn to roll the balls around on the table while we took pictures.  Obviously, Gerhard was having a great time.

After Photo Club I went in search of a shirt.

This one is hideous.  What’s up with the round shadow just where the belly button should be?  It’s disturbing.  I left it at the store where it could disturb some other woman.

This next one seemed to fit well until I tried taking a picture and then it hitched up.  I will not buy clothes that I can’t take pictures in.  Earlier at Photo Club we thought we’d have to lie on the floor to take the pictures of the balls rolling around.  Scott asked if we were all dressed in clothes we could lie on the floor in.

I assured him I only buy clothes I can lie around on the floor in.  You never know when you’ll have to lie on the floor to get The Shot.

I didn’t buy this shirt because I can’t be tugging on my shirt every time I take a picture.

I grabbed this off the rack, thinking it was a sweater.  But once I got in the dressing room, I realized it was a cape with a hood.  As you can tell, I look goofy in capes.  And I look goofy without bangs.  Left it in the store, too.

These sweaters were nice and they sure aren’t gonna hitch up when I take pictures.

I couldn’t decide on a color, so I took a picture of both of them hoping that by looking at the pictures I could make a decision.

I liked the stripey one best.  The plain one shows every little wrinkle in my pants and is distracting.  Bought the stripey one.

Everyone needs a flannel shirt.  These flannel shirts are at Old Navy.  They’ve been there since 1994.  It says so on the label.  I wonder if I’m supposed to be impressed that Old Navy has been selling flannel shirts since 1994.

I’m not impressed.  I’m depressed.  It makes me feel old.  I mean, are they inferring that, “Shooooeeee!  We’ve been selling flannel shirts for a loooong time!  Ever since nineteen ninety-four!  That’s, like, forever!

Wasn’t ’94 just last week?

I don’t like this one.  I think it’s the color.

Yes, it’s the color.  Because this is the same shirt, but in blue and I like it.

Got home to find Darling Husband and the boys ready to head out to JJ’s Hibachi Buffet.

JJ’s decorated their tables with little bamboo plants.  While most of the other diners were up getting food from the buffet, I sat on the floor to get a picture of the plant.  (I told you so.  You just never know when you’ll have to lie on a floor to get the picture.)  It’s a little blurry, but the other diners came back so I had to get up off the floor.  I’ll try again another day.

Here’s another picture of the plant from a different angle, which didn’t require lying on the restaurant floor.

Hmmm.  I wish I’d focused on the part of the spiral that’s closest to the camera. Well, I guess we’ll just have to go back to JJ’s so I can try again!


7 thoughts on “Juggling, Bamboo, and Pictures from the Dressing Room

  1. I love that you take photos of EVERYTHING & make it interesting & funny. BTW the stripey one did funny things to my eyes…like you get on telly 😉

  2. I can relate to the frustration of shirt shopping. It is like manufacturers and designers assume that all women have short torsos or want our tummys to show! It is worse than swimsuit or dress shopping. Let me know if you find a good source for longer tees. I don’t have much need of sweaters in Houston.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about the sweaters. They’re my favorite clothes.

      I really don’t mind shirt shopping. It’s the pant shopping. Eeek! Of course, now that you mention it, perhaps part of the pant problem is that the shirts are too short and the pants are too low. Something’s gotta give! One or the other, fashion industry people! Either longer shirts, or higher pants.

  3. Yes 1994 was last week, of course my sister Jodi was born in 1993 and insists that she is turning 19 in November but that can’t be right… but you know, kids these days 😛 I was a little bit up set the other day because I was reading a book review the other day and they were talking about how 1982 was such a something year (I can’t remember what adjective they used) and they were listing all of these things that happened and then they said and Reagan was almost assassinated and I was like whoa whoa whoa no, that was 1981, and then I went ha… it’s sort of sad that I know that, but I guess it was my birthday and all – don’t people fact check anything any more, geez! lol!

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