Danger at the Pediatrician’s and A Date with the Doctor

Oh my goodness!  What happened?!?

Boy10 was shot at the pediatrician’s?!?  Quick!  How do we treat a gunshot wound?  Get hot water, get some disinfectant, get some iodine!

Wait, what did you say?  He wasn’t shot?  He got a shot?

OoOOooh.  He got a shot.  

Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place?


Gotta run.  Very important date with Darling Husband and Doctor Who.  Can’t let a silly blog keep me from Doctor Who!


Where did you hear that line “get hot water, get some disinfectant, get some iodine”?  You can aaaalmost remember.  It sounds so familiar!   It’s driving you nuts!

You heard it here.


9 thoughts on “Danger at the Pediatrician’s and A Date with the Doctor

  1. Time get a flu shot.
    Every doctors office, pharmacy, hardware store /pharmacy combination has signs telling people over 60 to get a shot for shingles. If I get that shot, will that make me a roofer? Maybe I could do your roof?

    • And he was very brave about it, too. He hasn’t had a shot in years, and the last time there was a lot of drama. This time, he just sat there and didn’t even blink. He’s growing up.

    • I don’t recall the name of it, and I’m hiding from the kids for a couple of minutes, so I’m not going to go look for it, or they’ll start begging me for pancakes. It’s something about these kids who find out that dragons are real and help some guy look for them, or something like that.

    • If it’s their idea, they love it. If it’s my idea they haaaaate it. Boy7 will start to wiggle around on purpose, so that it turns out blurry, and Boy10 just takes off.

      This one was their idea.

  2. lol so dramatic!!! Do people still use iodine? My grandma always used to use it on me for cat scratches when I was playing with barn cats but now I never hear of people using it for anything outside of the hospital, and I get the strangest looks from people when I mention my grandma using it so that made me giggle when you just mentioned it now.

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