A Birthday Bath, No Sweat, and Ugly Shirts

It was Boy10’s birthday today–see his new name?  Everything was fine until I made him take a shower this morning.  “But, Moooom!  On my birthday??”  Poor kid.  I wouldn’t let him wallow in dirt on his birthday.  Why do I have to ruin everything?

And not only did I make him bathe, but I made him do school today.  But it was Birthday School, so we only did the fun stuff, so there were no Grammar Battles.

It was like the Trojan war.  From what I understand, the Greeks and the Trojans agreed to cease fighting on weekends and holidays.  I think they were even known to send each other Christmas cards in between killing sprees.


My wish came true today.  I’ve wanted a doctor in my circle of friends for years and years.  Why?  So that I have someone to answer my important medical questions like, “If you were to cover every inch of your body with antiperspirant…what would happen?”  I can’t make an appointment to ask my PCP, but I still want to know.

Well, Barbetta might not have become a doctor, but she did pass her Boards today and is now a Nurse Practitioner.  She is able to diagnose diseases, dispense medicine, and has her very own stethoscope, otoscope and white doctor coat.

Congratulations, Barbetta!  There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that you’d pass today.  We’re all popping with pride that we have a Nurse Practitioner in our circle.

And…uh…what would happen if you covered your entire body with antiperspirant?


Picture of the Day:

These are the same old clothes in my closet that were there yesterday.  I went out today, hoping to find a new shirt, but every single shirt in all the stores was hideously ugly.  Every Single Shirt.

No, it wasn’t me.  It was the shirts.  They were all ugly.


11 thoughts on “A Birthday Bath, No Sweat, and Ugly Shirts

  1. Happy Birthday, Boy10!!

    Congrats to Barbetta!!

    I am not sure what happens when the entire body is covered with antiperspirant, but I do know what happens when a child unknowingly rubs her eyeball with antiperspirant…and it isn’t fun. In fact, the nurse at the ER thinks that it is quite an odd thing to do.

    So, I’d suggest it stays in the pits where it belongs. Unless, it is being rubbed onto the Ken doll’s pits, in which case we have learned hands need to be washed after that sort of thing. 😉

  2. If you cover your entire body with antiperspirant you will become a good smelling corpse. The aluminum and wax combo will close up all your pores and do you like the gold girl in “Goldfinger”
    B, JB.

  3. Thanks for the congrats- It’s never real until it makes the blog!! I glad someone else had an answer for the antiperspirant thing- Although I wil say if you had asked me this as a patient I would recommend against it beacuse of risk for allergic reactions and then performa full psych assessment on you and refer you to our friend Stacey! Sorry the shirt shopping was a bust – Do you want to come raid my closet? Although I believe everything in it now actually fits me.

    • I would love to raid your closet. But, am glad to hear it all fits you.

      Hmm…I guess we do have a doctor in our circle, but I really hope never to make use of her services. Nothing against Stacey!

  4. Oh my your boy is in to the double digits – I remembered feeling so symbolic when I turned 10 because I wasn’t a teenager yet but I had TWO numbers in my age instead of just one 😉 that’s also very cool about your friend becoming a nurse practitioner, they are very important people.

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