Bed Sheets Don’t Have Spell Check

Over the years I’ve kept a list of words that I like the sound of.  I added another one to the list today: perplexed.

I didn’t plan on writing anything about 9/11 today, but it just so happens that the journal where I keep my List of Favorite Words is also where I’d written a few thoughts eleven years ago about the events of 9/11 and subsequent days.

Here’s a little bit of what I wrote on Sept 24, 2001:

“…overpasses are decorated with American flags and homemade banners with sayings such as ‘United We Stand’, ‘God Bless America,’ and ‘Stand Stong.’  Ok—so they forgot the ‘r’ but we get the message.”

Oh dear.  You’re not supposed to giggle about 9/11 stuff, but that Stand Stong sign used to make me snort and shake my head every time I drove under it.  All 300,000 commuters on the Baltimore Beltway had to stare at that sign every single day.  I’m sure there were lots of shaken heads.  How does one make a sign the size of a queen-sized bed sheet and not notice that you missed the “r?”

I do have to admit, there was something so earnest about that sign.  I can imagine the person who made the sign with a frowny determined face, ready to “Stand Stong.”

Stand Stong, America.  Stand Stong.

Sept 24, 2001: Journal Entry


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