10 Updates of my Scintillating Life

Nothing new, so here are updates in no particular order:

1.  Bad:  The dishwasher is still broken with no replacement in sight.  Good: The dishes have been under control for 2 whole days.  I’d like to give a large cash donation to whomever invented paper plates.  Well…let’s not get carried away.  Instead of cash, perhaps a heartfelt “Thank you” will suffice.

2.  I’m almost over my roof replacement sticker shock.  The boys managed to uncurl me from my quivering ball in the corner in under three hours today.  Progress.

3.  I ate two of the three boxes of candy I bought from the Dollar Store last Thursday.  This has got to stop.

4.  Today’s grammar lesson went really well.  Boy9 said, “When I make myself be interested in the lesson, it’s easier to learn it.”   The boy’s a genius.  We need to write his wisdom down somewhere.

5.  Show watched while washing dishes/cooking food:  Malcolm in the Middle.  Sitcom perfection.  

6.  I checked my email to find three essays waiting for me.  Bridgette must have shown the students my wicked witch picture from yesterday’s post.

7.  When I read last night’s blog to Boy9 he wondered where I got the witch picture.  I answered, “Uh…that was me.”  He thought that was the funniest thing he’d heard since when I told him to think of me as his own personal Adolf Hitler (see previous blog posts about our Grammar War of Epic Proportions, aka WWIII.)

8.  Just started a book by Michael Crichton (of Jurassic Park fame) about people who get shrunken down to ½ an inch in height and have to make their way through a rain forest fighting off mosquitoes and ants with a stickpin.  It’s quite possibly the silliest thing I’ve read in a long time and absolutely predictable, but I’ll read it to the end.

9.  Watching X-Men and Captain America over the weekend solidifies my theory that while with great power comes great responsibility, it doesn’t necessarily come with a great sense of humor.  Those superhero-types seem like fuddy duddies.

10.  Boy9 got an early birthday present (his birthday is on Wednesday.)  He got a lesson in How to Mow the Lawn from dear old dad.  What a lucky, lucky boy!


8 thoughts on “10 Updates of my Scintillating Life

  1. Still recovering from bronchitis. Boy 9.95 came to the rescue and did a great job. I know this sounds trite, but THIS makes all those sleepless nights and diaper changes worth it. Sorry bout the allergies dad…..

  2. I agree with boy9- I didn’t realize it was you in the WW photo either. What candy are you eating from the dollar store? I hope not chocolate! I can get you better chocolate.

    • Yup, it was me. I’m pretty sure that’s what the boys “see” when we’re doing school.

      There were Milk Duds, Junior Mints AND Reeces Pieces this time. But better chocolate is always welcome.

  3. I love the Jurassic Park movies – my bf thinks I’m a nut for it but come on, dinosaurs!!! I read one of his books once but I can not for the life of me recall the name of it, it had something to do with scientists and global warming, it was not bad.

  4. I’ll be honest – if Michael Crichton wrote, I love it. I haven’t met one of his books I didn’t like 🙂 My favorites are definitely his newer ones like Next and Prey.

    • I usually enjoy his books. I think there was only one I didn’t really like, but I can’t remember what it was about. His scientists are always such difficult people to work with. They’re always bickering.

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