Sneaky Children, Chicken Salad is Good, and a Monstrous Spider

Look at what I discovered behind the boy’s toy bins: a huge stash of toys that they’ve shoved back there.

I have to say that I’ve sort of known it was there, but was in denial.  “No, my children would never hide their toys rather than clean them up!”  Oh, the horrible truths we sometimes have to face about those we love the most.  Sob.

So, while the boys were at their grandparent’s house last night and today, I’d planned on stuffing all those toys in grocery bags and shoving them in the attic.  Shoving things in the attic is the grownup version of shoving things behind your toy bin.

But I barely started before I ran out of steam.  I woke up feeling slightly under the weather today.  I made it through 2 bags of toys before I was drooping and had to stop to watch tv.

But the longer I lay on the couch watching tv, the weaker I got.

Finally, at 6:00 I realized I hadn’t eaten or drunk anything since 11:00.  So, I rolled off the couch into the kitchen and managed to make myself a chicken salad sandwich and some tea.

Amazingly enough, I’m feeling much better.  It turns out that when you forget to eat or drink all day, you get weak.  I guess Schoolhouse Rock was right all along.




Another picture of the day:

So, there I was hesitating over the kitchen sink after eating my sandwich, wondering if I had enough energy to wash the dishes  (nah–don’t want to push my luck), when something blotted out the sun.  What could it be?  Is it the alien mothership hovering over the farms of Pennsylvania?

No.  It was worse.  It was a big, gigantic, monstrous spider.  It was strung between two trees.  You know it’s a big bug if I could see it all the way from the kitchen window.

I went outside for a closeup:

Speaking of aliens and monsters and such, I’m going to go lie around on the couch some more and watch Super 8 .  I liked that movie and it’s streaming on Netflix.


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