Women Like Being Told They’re Wrong

I managed to annoy another Soup Day friend.  For those who don’t know, every other Wednesday I get together with a group of friends for soup.  There were 7 of us at Soup Day today.

You see, sometimes when women tell you something, they want you to listen and say, “Mmmhmm,” and just agree with what they’re saying as a friendly show of support.  And other times women want you to listen and point out when they’re wrong and when they’re not considering the opposite point of view.


“…women want you to point out when they’re wrong…”  Stop it!  Stop it!  I can’t breathe!

Hang on while I recover from that bit of hilarity.

Ok–so, when some poor innocent Soup Day member tried to tell her story, I had to butt in and say, “But did you consider the other point of view….”

There were crickets in the room.  This is what happens when socially inept nerdy people grow up.  We can blend in for a while, but soon it becomes crystal clear why we weren’t popular in high school.  “So…this is one of those times when I’m supposed to Mmmhmmm in a show of support and not debate opposite points of view, right?”  Right.

Later in the day, I recounted a story where I had told someone to consider another point of view.  I said, “You know how I am.  I had to tell her that there are other points of view…” and everyone’s head started nodding vigorously.  Yes, we know you do, Jackie. And…quit it.

I blame it on being an only child and not having the joy of a sibling to haul off and smack me on the back of the head whenever I make glaring social blunders like that.


And I really hope that my writer friend, who asked me to assess an article he wrote, meant it when he told me to “be brutal.”

I have a friend who is a writer.  No, not a writer of blogs like me, but a real bona fide writer.  It’s how he makes his living.  His editor has recently given him his own column.  My writer friend asked me to review his first article for the new column.


That’s like Mozart saying, “Does this sound right to you?” or Einstein asking you if he can “run a little theory by you and get your opinion.”

I love my friend’s writing.  It’s not like mine–no, his writing is good.   I get tears in my eyes almost every time I read one of his articles.  Seriously.  I get goose bumps.  It’s just that good.

So, I read his draft for his column (and got tears in my eyes–twice!)  But then I pointed out a couple of places that didn’t quite flow for me.  (Did you consider this other point of view?)  I cringed as I did, waiting for a bolt of lightning to turn me into a little puff of ash.

Critiquing his writing is like critiquing the Pieta.  “But couldn’t Michelangelo have made Mary’s face look a little more expressive or something?  I’m just not feeling it.”


Picture of the day:

Routine eye exams for the kids.


11 thoughts on “Women Like Being Told They’re Wrong

  1. Women don’t like to be told they are wrong because deep in our hearts we are pretty certain we are always RIGHT- this is easy to prove when you are with a man of course- but it does get more challenging when you go head to head with another woman- Next time you blunder- play the “cry card” – “But I am so sorry I hurt your feelings”- there is nothing we women like better than a good cry!

    • These are good points. No man would have dared to say what I said. Men know better.

      And thanks for the reminder about the tears. I’ll work on drumming up convincing tears in front of the mirror.

  2. I’m just like you and I’m not an only child. I had 3 sisters and 3 brothers who smacked me whenever I made a social blunder.
    You are a great humor writer.

  3. I’ve come to the conclusion the women are clearly insane, except us of course 😉 lol jk – that reminds me of a conversation my friend Tia and I had on St.Patrick’s Day – “Everyone is just horrible, except for us” feeling a bit sorry for ourselves were we? A beer or two later and we were fine I think, and planning a trip to Dublin so that was ok 😉 but I know what you mean about us lady folk, we seem extremely hard to please – I really can’t figure us out one way or the other, ah well 😉 love the express on your boy there, he’s brilliant.

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