Scary Bugs and Bad Husbands and How Scary Bugs Handle Their Bad Husbands

This praying mantis was on the side of my in-laws’ garage. As I took its picture, I noticed that the mantis’ legs were stuck in the sticky strands of a spider web.

You can see some of the strands by its head in the picture.

Help meeeee!

I know that spider webs are part of the circle of life (and horrifyingly slow death), and the spiders have to live, too, so you really ought to leave the poor fly in the web.

But there was no way one little spider could have eaten that entire praying mantis, unless the spider caught the mantis for his whole spider village so they could survive the winter.

I decided we ought to free the mantis.  But while praying mantises are cool to look at in a picture, I don’t want to actually touch one.  This is why women get married: so they have husbands to set the scary bugs free.  Sometimes you’re stuck with a husband who will pretend to trip toward you while carrying the scary bug, but those are Bad Husbands and you’d do well to try to weed those out in the dating process.  That’s what premarital counseling is for, after all.

Darling Husband freed the mantis and took it far away into the yard where it fluttered around.

May you live long, little praying mantis, and dine on many fat husbands.

You can see more web strands on its back legs.

Darling Husband bravely transporting the Scary Bug


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