The Castle of Horrors Strikes Again and Put Down the Pinata Sticks

Had a 9:00 a.m. birthday party to go to today.  I don’t like having to be anywhere until at least 3:30.  I dragged us all out of bed and made breakfast and showered and walked out the door, running slightly late.  I really hate being late.

There was a lovely fog in the air and 4 billion really cool spider webs all over the foliage in my front yard, but since I was late there was no time to take pictures.  I really hate being late!

If we didn’t have a party to go to, I’d have headed to Gettysburg for foggy pictures.  I managed to snap this quick shot of a spider web as we dashed to the car.

It was actually a bit nippy this morning, and I had to wear long pants over my mosquito bites.  After suffering with my itches all day yesterday (and the night before) Darling Husband reminded me that we have some medicine for itchy bug bites in the cupboard.

Oh yeah–medicine.  I always forget about medicine.

We had some over-the-counter stuff, and Darling Husband said I ought to start with that, but as I rummaged through the medicine closet, I spied the tube of Boy9’s prescription eczema cream.  I wondered, with shifty eyes, just how illegal is it to use eczema cream that’s not yours?

I used it and no alarms went off.  The bored police in my mostly crime-free town never showed up, so I think I got away with it.  And the cream seems to be working nicely.

The birthday party was at a playground called Kid’s Kingdom. I’ve written about this Castle of Horrors in the past, (here) and told you about how children can be lost in the depths of it for weeks, as long as they manage not to fall down the hole in the bridge and snap their little necks.

And speaking of snapping, an 8 year old boy (not a kid from my group) fell from the monkey bars and broke his arm.  We all heard the snap.  The poor child was screaming and his eyes were rolling around and he was pale and breathing funny.  Poor kid!  He ended up going to the hospital in an ambulance.  We were all feeling quite horrible watching the little boy suffer.  Seeing a child, or anyone for that matter, in tremendous pain makes you feel somewhat sick to your stomach.

It was after the boy broke his arm, but before the ambulance got there, that we had been planning on beating the piñata.  The mom hosting the birthday party said, over the wails of the child with the broken arm, “I don’t think that now is a good time to beat the piñata…” As she was saying those words, we could see our kids in the distance swinging at each other with the piñata bats.  Fortunately, they didn’t crack each other’s heads, but I suppose the best time to crack someone’s head is when an ambulance is already on the way.

We waited for the ambulance to leave, and then started beating on the piñata.  Candy and cupcakes for all!


9 thoughts on “The Castle of Horrors Strikes Again and Put Down the Pinata Sticks

  1. Next time you are covered with itchy bug bites you could calll your FNP friend (almost) and she could give you suggestions-although Eczema crema i suspect was the perfect choice!

  2. Traci, please ask Michael to tell you the stroy of Christmas with Mrs. Roberts……kind of relates to carrying on with the party after the ambulance leaves!

    • Odd that you should say that! They weren’t Traci Cakes, but Traci did teach Stacey how to frost them. So, you’re seeing what look like Traci Cakes, but were actually made by a student of Traci.

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