Moving Furniture with your Face, My Life of Crime, I Photograph a Supermodel, and Ferocious Ewoks

I live in a small town.  It’s so small that there is very little crime and the police get bored pretty easily. The day we moved in, I parallel parked my car against the traffic in front of my house.  Back in the old neighborhood, a suburb of Baltimore–the murder capital of America at the time, a car parked facing the wrong way would generate as much interest from the police as a wad of gum dropped on the sidewalk.

But in my new town, a car parked the wrong way was a happy diversion from their perpetual boredom, and the police gave me a ticket.  Welcome to your new home!

They love their permits up here.  If you want to have a yard sale, then you have to purchase a $3 permit.  And you’d better not try to skip out on getting your permit, because they will be checking, and they will shut you down.  There’s nothing else for them to do other than check yard sale permits.

Unless it’s Good Ole Days.

Good Ole Days is an event the town hosts every summer where everybody gets a free pass for their yard sale permits.  The yard sales begin on Thursday and run through Saturday.  There is also a car show and tap dancing and kettle corn and a bouncy house.  It’s a big event.

My friend, Pam, lives an hour away, but she loooves Good Ole Days.  Here’s a picture of her daughter, (my goddaughter) Faith:

Pam and Faith spent the night last night so that we could head out to yard sales at 7:00 in the morning.

Here are some pictures of the cars at the car show.  I’m reflected in some sort of shiny part of a car:

Look at this car.  A pink Thunderbird.

Taking a picture of a pink Thunderbird is like taking a picture of a supermodel. Even if she’s hungover and her hair is sticking out and her eyes are crossed, she’s gorgeous.  Same thing with pink Thunderbirds.  A photographer simply can’t go wrong with a pink Thunderbird.

And then look at what I got!  Look at this baby!  $10!  Only $10!!  What a deal!  Those of you with book addictions and old furniture addictions will understand my glee:

The only place left for any furniture in my house is in the upstairs hallway.  So Pam, who is the best friend anyone ever had, helped me haul it upstairs.

Halfway up the stairs one of the doors popped open and I had to put down my end and let all the weight of the bookcase rest on Pam while I fixed the door.  After we were upstairs Pam said, “I had to rest the bookcase on my face while you adjusted the door.”

I said, “Pam, you are the best friend ever.  Not only did you haul my bookcase up the stairs, but you did it with your face!  How many people can say that they have a friend who will push furniture up their stairs with their face?!”

After Pam left I headed to Michael and Kim’s house to meet up with my family for a cookout.  Michael is the one who called me frantically on Thursday to get the Wookie action figure from a Good Ole Days yard sale.

I called to let Darling Husband know I was on my way…but then look at what I saw down a side road:

It’s about 6 feet tall.  I had to get a picture right away, because it looks dead and will probably be gone soon.  And the clouds were gorgeous today.

When I got to Kim and Michael’s house, people had wondered what took me so long.  Darling Husband told them, “She probably stopped to take a picture on the side of the road somewhere.”

Does he know me or what?

At Michael’s house, I found proof that Michael was right and I was wrong.  Remember that I made fun of how Michael wanted an ewok action figure?  All this time, I’ve been convinced that the ewoks were just pitiful little excuses for teddy bears that the Storm Troopers ought to have been able to neutralize simply by speaking harshly to them.

But I was wrong.   They’re really quite ferocious.  Look at what this ewok is doing to the baby wookie.

I sure hope Leia got there in time.  Chewy looks pretty upset.


9 thoughts on “Moving Furniture with your Face, My Life of Crime, I Photograph a Supermodel, and Ferocious Ewoks

  1. What a steal! I envy your bookcase. More than half my most precious books are boxed up in the garage, which is no fun when you have no long-term memory because I could be re-reading them incessantly and they’d always be like new books…. I really love the photo too, the clouds and the dying topiary are very well balanced, it’s beautiful. 🙂

    • I rarely remember what the books I read are about. I’ve re-read a few books and only dimly was aware that I’d read them before.

      Thanks about the picture of the sheep-thing. It turned out really well.

  2. Ok this post made me happy on so many levels!!! That car is gorgeous – please allow me to wipe the drool away from the corner of my mouth, wow. We used to have a Thunderbird when I was whee, but it wasn’t as gorgeous as that one, and that shade of pink – so beautiful. That bookshelf is indeed a steel, you made out like a bandit. Love the topiary you found, and you framed it perfectly with the bright blue sky in the background. And those toys – will they ever stop getting into trouble? 😉

    • That ewok is creepy.

      I love the bookcase. Boy7 took one look at it and started planning out what he wants in there, “How about a Lego display on one shelf, some books on another shelf, and Star Wars action figures at the top?”

      Ummm….maybe Boy7. Maybe.

  3. AHHHHH Just catching up on posts!! Funniest photo ever! Did Michael tell you that our Uncle Joe is friends with a REAL Ewok?

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