Scaly Lizards (with Fangs) Are Better than Ewoks

Today I received a semi-frantic call from Michael.  Michael is in a perpetual state of semi-franticity.  He wrote a guest blog for me, and if you read it, here, you’ll see what I mean.  By the time you’re done, you’re a little out of breath.  This is what makes Michael such a great drummer.

Michael is one of a few drummers who play the drums at church.  Darling Husband has been telling me for months that he knows when Michael is on the drums, just by the sound.   I have to say that I didn’t believe Darling Husband knew what he was talking about.

But then Michael went on vacation and the music got slower…and more sedate…and calmer.

Then Michael got back from vacation.  As soon as the guitar strummed the first note to the song, BAM!  Every single drum and cymbal in the drum set had been hit, twice, in a 2 second interval–baddabaddabaddabaddabadda-bam!

Darling Husband leaned over to me and said, “That’s Michael.”

So, this morning, I hear on the answering machine, “Lizaaard.  Lizaaaaard.  Are you there?”

Michael read on Facebook about a yard sale today in my neighborhood.  He wanted something from the yard sale, but lives too far away to get it.

Here was what was posted on Facebook:

“Star Wars action figures 1977 – 1980’s. All at our yard sale. Lots of stuff”

And Michael commented underneath:

“STAR WARS ACTION FIGURES??? How many do you have – How Much?????”

You can hear the franticity, can’t you?

Fortunately for him, I was at the ready and managed to nab the Wookie and a Leia and an ewok for him.  I know, I know–an ewok?  Why?  You’ll have to ask Michael.  When he said, “Get me something else besides the Wookie,” I joked and said, “Snort.  How about an ewok?” and he said, “Yes!  An ewok!”   I don’t know if he was just in a frantic daze or what, because I surely don’t know why anyone would actually want an ewok.

I was hoping that when they digitally remastered Ep 6, they could have turned the ewoks into scaly lizard creatures.  Didn’t happen.

Here’s the picture of the day of the yard sale loot:

Wookie in front, Leia and Ewok behind.  I dunno.  Maybe Michael’s right.  That ewok looks pretty ominous, lurking behind Chewy.  Like it might gnaw off Chewy’s arm with it’s dazzling white teeth.


6 thoughts on “Scaly Lizards (with Fangs) Are Better than Ewoks

  1. I totally have an ewok pez dispenser, I feel pretty cool about it. It was in a gift bag from when I worked at a department store when I was 18. I’ve held on to it all of these years and people still comment on it because I put it in with a bunch of other treasures in my shadow boxes on our living room walls, what’s not to love about an ewok pez dispenser? I don’t know, I think they are kind of hilarious looking – my sister has a shih tzu – poodle cross that I’ve always said looks like one 😉

    • Ewoks are kind of hilarious looking. Which is why it was always so silly that they fought and won against the storm troopers. That whole scene messed up my suspension of disbelief while I was watching Ep 6.

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