Nazis, Sharp Metal Tools, White Knuckled Grips and a Bug

Dentist again.  I go every 4 months.  I have a needy filling that requires professional help beyond the twice yearly sessions.  I lie back in the chair, the filling tells the hygienist about his mother, and we’re good for another four months.

I’ve started taking a picture every time I go to the dentist.  Then, if I actually do die from gum trauma in the dental chair and the hygienist secretly buries me in the parking lot, a plucky detective might check my camera for clues to my whereabouts.

Here’s the first dentist picture I took in July 2011 of the torture devices tools:

According to the hygienist, the tools are really expensive.  And no wonder—they’re made in the USA.  I didn’t know the USA was still making things.  Maybe Fords.  Don’t they make Fords in the USA?  Not Fjords.  Fjords are made on Magrathea.  (If you don’t get the reference, don’t panic.  It simply means you’re not a nerd and social ostracism is not in your future.  Lucky you.)

The picture of the devices isn’t particularly clever, but certainly grisly.  Especially considering all the blood that was dripping from those tools within an hour of taking the shot.  I should edit that picture into black and white to make it scarier.

I may have mentioned it before, but I’ve always been a little scared of being arrested by Nazis and held in a concentration camp and having horrible dental experiments performed on me.  That’s pretty much all I can think about while I’m at the dentist.

My next dentist picture was from Dec 2011:

I really like this one.  In this one, Clarisse, my camera, was lying on the headrest with the hygienist holding the tools over her.  Isn’t that a great shot?  It’s just what it looks like when the Nazis hygienist comes at you with the metal tools.

Today I took my third picture at the dentist.  The thing with taking pictures at an establishment that you frequent regularly, is that it starts to get tricky to come up with clever picture ideas.

I attempted a picture of what it looks like when you look down at yourself and see the bib around your neck, but it would have required the hygienist to take the shot for me.  Holding the camera above my head wasn’t working quite right.  Before I could ask for her assistance, she said, “Eh—just go for the most common sight in this chair:  white knuckled grips on the arm rest.”

So—here ya go.  My trip to the dentist today.


Another picture for fun.  This grasshopper jumped onto my window and let me take a few pictures.


3 thoughts on “Nazis, Sharp Metal Tools, White Knuckled Grips and a Bug

  1. I like going to the dentist personally – last time I was there they took out all 4 of my wisdom teeth and they said while they were in there they might as well do the fillings for the two tiny cavities I had so that was nice of them. I have to go back for another cleaning in October. I find the cleanings very relaxing, sort of like a spa treatment if you will 😉

      • I wouldn’t use me as an example for all Canadians 😉 there are still a lot of phobics but that is just how I like to look at it. My gums had been bleeding quite badly but they are getting a lot better now that my hygienist put me on a good regimen and I’m actually flowing it 🙂 she said I get to go in the good patient book, she also said it’s a very small book so I feel very lucky!

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