Secret Rooms and Underground Tunnels

Did you know that there are companies out there that will add secret doors to your house for you?  I’m serious.  Click here for an example.  Google “secret doors” for other examples.

Every year, I annoy my friends with endless talk of how much I want a hidden room and a secret door.  Why?  Because every year we have a picnic at the Tunnel People’s House.

Tunnel People have two houses, basically.  They have the main house and then a guest house.  To get an idea of how incredible their main house is, just know that the guest house has a full kitchen, two full bathrooms, and two changing rooms with 8 lockers in each changing room.  The locker rooms are for the heated outdoor pool between the two houses.

I’m not even going to bother describing the rest of the house, because I think it would embarrass the homeowners if I gushed too much about their home.  I refused to allow myself to take pictures of it, because I would have quickly become obnoxious about it.

My one exception was my annual picture of their underground tunnel.

Yes, you read that right.  An underground tunnel.

Apparently, they don’t like getting rained on as much as I don’t like getting rained on.  To solve the problem of getting from the main house to the guest house in stormy weather without getting rained on, they built an underground tunnel.

Don’t you just love that?!

I took this same shot last year and showed it to my friends, so some of you will recognize it:

The only difference is the kid at the end of the tunnel.  I picked the strongest looking kid in the bunch and gave him a basket of fried chicken and lemonade to sustain him on his trip to the other end of the tunnel.  Once he was there, I had to wait for him to catch his breath before I could take the picture.  He had to gnaw on the chicken bones for sustenance on the return trip.  Poor kid.  Well, at least he learned a valuable lesson: how to ration his fried chicken for the round trip through the tunnel next year.

I couldn’t stop myself from commenting about the tunnel to the homeowner.  She looked a little perplexed and said, “Yeah…people are always fascinated by the tunnel.”

To quote from my 80’s childhood, and in the most friendly tone possible:  No duh!

And honestly, I adore my Elfin Cottage.  I really do.  Especially the dining room.  I love my dining room.  The only thing I wish I could have from Tunnel People’s house is the underground tunnel.

Because who wouldn’t want an underground tunnel?


3 thoughts on “Secret Rooms and Underground Tunnels

  1. What am amazing tunnel! Wowza! I just popped over from WTM and then I started reading your fun blog and I didn’t think I’d comment, but since you mentioned finding a secret room or a tunnel, I just had to share what we found at our house this weekend! We live in a fairly boring 1970’s dream house. It’s a big rectangle with a big rectangle basement under the main part of the house.

    The basement does not go under the garage or the storage room that is off of the garage. We are doing some work on the kitchen and getting ready to put tile through the kitchen and into the storage room. There is no access to the storage room crawl space, so my dh decided to cut into the floor of the storage room and check out the insulation – the storage room is both the coldest and the hottest part of the house, depending on the season, so we are planning to add some insulation before we re-do the floors.

    Is this getting too long? Anywho, we cut into the subfloor, expecting to see a dirt crawl space a few feet below the room, when instead we found a root cellar! The area under the storage room is as deep as the basement and is just like a cave under the room. Unused. dirt. Empty. No spooky skeletons (we checked). Also not a bit of insulation. Once we close the hole and lay the tile we won’t be able to access the cave unless we want to cut through the cement basement wall to make a doorway, or build a secret trap door from the storage room… But that’s just too spooky for me!

    • Ok. here’s what you do. You go to a thrift shop and find “interesting items.” You put them in a suitcase, that you find in the thrift shop, and you leave them in your secret room.

      Then, sometime in the future, when someone else finds your secret room, they’ll find the suitcase and wonder who put it there and what it all means.

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