Cynical Teachers, Road Rage, and a Half-Eaten Dinner

I’m wondering how soon it will be before I’m in the teacher’s lounge, smoking a cigarette and making up unflattering nicknames for the students.

What students?

If you recall, I have that sweet job assessing people’s essays for a test prep course.  These aren’t high school students or even college students.  These are actual teachers who are employed and have to take a test for certification.  If they don’t pass, they lose their jobs.  Some of these people have master’s degrees or their equivalents.  Ooo.  Assessing essays for people with master’s degrees!  Sound intimidating?  It’s not.

Out of the four people  I’ve dealt with so far this week:

Guy #1 has spelled his own name three different ways.  If you can’t spell your own name, we’re in trouble.

Guy #2 pretty much plagiarized an essay.

Guy #3 sent me 2 and a half sentences, instead of the 20 he was supposed to.  No, I don’t know why there’s only half a sentence.

Guy #4 wrote a random essay that wasn’t assigned.  I have no clue why he wrote it.

Master’s degrees, people.  Master’s degrees.  I’ve made a promise to myself that I will not use this an excuse to rant about public education.  (I will not rant.  I will not rant.  I will not rant.)


Darling Husband is on day two of his mechanical difficulties.

Yesterday, as he left work with the parking lot full of people, his car horn started randomly beeping at people.  It randomly beeped during the entire forty-five minute drive home.  He hit the horn as hard as he could, hoping to stop the beeping.  It seemed to help.
Until he left work today, when it started randomly beeping again.  He had to spend the entire trip home making puzzled faces and shrugging his shoulders sheepishly at everyone who gave him evil looks as they passed him, while the car kept on beeping.


Picture of the day.

Forgot to take a picture of the dining room table looking beautiful for the guests who visited for dinner tonight.  Instead of a picture of the fresh bread and steamy soup in a snowy white tureen, here’s my half eaten bowl of soup.

There are plenty of leftovers for Melissa.


10 thoughts on “Cynical Teachers, Road Rage, and a Half-Eaten Dinner

  1. When I read the first line, I imagined you were talking about homeschooling! HA HA! I really got a good laugh out of that, thinking “what a good idea!” And then, I read on and realized my mistake. 😉 But still, I will think of that and smile on those days this year when I’m having one of those days…

    • He comes home and walks in the house, not sure whether to laugh about his drive home, or slump to the floor and groan. Forty-five minutes of angry looks is a lot to take. But, it’s funny, too.

  2. I spell my name two different ways, this has been going on since I was 7 – I guess I should pick one. I like Stacy a little bit better but Stacey is what my mom picked out and it’s on all of my legal documents :\ blah…. but no I definitely would not spell it three different ways, two is where I draw the line, I get very cross when i’s get introduced into the mix! Even though it was my idea to spell my sister’s name Jodi… Jodi with an i looks cute, Staci with an i well that’s just not me, that’s a whole other person 😉 as for your master’s degree students I have heard some horror stories! My bf’s cousin’s wife is a nurse on the neuro ward so she gets to work with my neurologist and just for a little background, my neurologist is the sweetest, kindest, most patient lady in the entire world – but when she gets students like masters level students doing their practicum cousin’s wife says she can not believe how exasperated and frustrated she will get over them – like she will come into the staff room just about ready to pull her own hair out and just lost for words on how completely moronic a majority of these students are, she literally can not figure out not only how they got through med school but how they got their undergraduates – so I mean… it must be a common thing 😉 but by the time she’s done with them they DO get better (thank goodness)

  3. I had a very similar issue with a car horn some years back – I had a friend take off the cover only to find three coins rattling around in there. every time I turned the steering wheel a certain way and one of the coins made contact, the horn would go off until I did something to jar it loose…

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