My Own Little Commune and Noisy Librarians

If I could, I would make it a rule that all of my friends have to live in the same town as me forever and ever.  That way I could visit them all the time and bump into them at restaurants and say, “Hey, why don’t you join us?” and have noisy conversations with them in the library.  Hey, the librarians won’t mind.  Our town has a history of Really Loud Librarians.  I’ve had to put my fingers to my lips and shush them a few times.  If I had noisy conversations with my friends in the library, they’d most likely join right in.

I like our noisy librarians.  In fact, I’m currently trying to think of a way to befriend them.  We have an awful lot in common.

In my town filled with my friends, no one would ever be allowed to move away unless they move away to places I want to visit, like Rome or New York City or Fiji.  Anyone who moves away would have to pay for my plane ticket to visit them every third weekend.

And I might even allow relatives to move into my town with me…if I knew any of them.  Darling Husband’s relatives seem pretty nice, so they can live here, too.  I really liked Darling Husband’s cousin Joe and family the two times we met.  We got along really well, as if we were…er…family.

Picture of the day:

Tonight we had guests for dessert.  The Cornwells.  They are friends who moved away last year but have temporarily moved back.  But they’ll be gone again when a new job starts.  Sigh.  If it were up to me, they’d move next door and stay. They visited for four and a half hours, and we didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of conversation.  Note the candle in the above picture, compared to below.

It’s not a proper evening with the Lizards unless the candle burns to a nub.


5 thoughts on “My Own Little Commune and Noisy Librarians

  1. I hope I make the cut when you are handing out houses in your town. I have been trying to get someone I know to move into the “house across the street” for years!

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