The Epitome of Manhood and Dozing One Second at a Time

You know you’re tired when you’re trying to read a story to your children and you hear yourself slurring the words.  And then trying to memorize the next sentence in your mind, so that you can shut your eyes and doze for a few seconds while you say the sentence out loud.

I mean, I’m so tired I almost didn’t bother watching GoldenEye to preview it for the kids.  GoldenEye is a James Bond movie with some action scenes I know the kids would get a kick out of and I wanted to show it to them.  But there are also a few, er, action scenes that I don’t want to show them.  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.  So I was previewing it to see when we’d watch and when we’d fast forward.

Being too tired to watch a James Bond movie is just crazy.  Not only is it a James Bond movie, but GoldenEye is the first James Bond movie with Pierce Brosnan in it.  While there are many very handsome men in Hollywood, I look at them and think, “What a nice looking man,” but by the time I look away I’ve forgotten them.  But there’s something about Mr. Brosnan as James Bond that’s mesmerizing.

I can’t  quite pinpoint what it is, but I think it has something to do with the lock of hair that droops over his forehead.  Perhaps all those Superman comics that I read as a kid with my dad predisposed me to finding black-haired men with locks of hair on their foreheads to be the epitome of manhood.  I dunno.  But he was pretty perfect as James Bond.  ‘Course his singing is another story.  Mama Mia was a bit of a shock.  Let’s just pretend that never happened, sort of like the second Highlander movie.

And yes, Darling Husband has black hair, and when he needs a haircut, locks of hair fall onto his forehead.  Swoon. I don’t like haircut day.


Pictures of the day.

At the Totswap, I bought the boys a bin of Bionicles.  Binoicles are made by Lego and they’re little robot things that you can take apart and put together in endless combinations, much like regular Legos themselves.  Picture of the new Bionicles:

The boys have been putting Bionicle traps around the house.  Today, the Bionicles were hanging from the chandeliers.  Fortunately, I’m short enough that I can walk unscathed under this chandelier….

and this chandelier….

But not this one.  This Bionicle keeps catching on my hair:

And in my sleep-deprived state, being caught in a Bionicle trap was the most exciting thing to happen today, so you’re stuck with this boring blog post about children’s toys and chandeliers.

I was even too tired to get to the annual used book sale at Gettysburg Middle School.  That’s just crazy!


7 thoughts on “The Epitome of Manhood and Dozing One Second at a Time

  1. I am glad to hear about you and Pierce too- I remember back when he was Remington Steele- I always thought it was the accent- but maybe the dark hair thing could be it. Jeff has been teasing me about him for YEARS! Thankfully I did not see Mama Mia and now I never will!

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