Don’t Go To Work When You’re Revolting and No, I Didn’t Take A Shower

The rain got me again!  Again!

I mean, how crazy is this?  Do all the rest of you have these rain issues, or is it really just me?

So, I worked at the TotSwap today for the second time.  I had a blast, as usual.  I worked until 9 tonight and will start work again tomorrow at 9 in the morning.

This TotSwap event is being held at the Timonium Fairgrounds in Maryland, which is an hour (and a minute) according to mapquest, from my house.  But the TotSwap is only about 3 minutes from Pam’s house, so she said I could spend the night at her house.  Sounds great to me!  This way I won’t have to drive home, sleep, and then drive back in the morning.

I’m especially glad to stay at Pam’s house since a huge storm just blew in.  Huge storm.  Thunder, lightning…rain.  Lots and lots and lots of rain.   Who wants to drive in all that thunder, lightning, and rain?  Not me.

But did I respect the rain?


No.  I figured I could run reallyfast and make it to my car without getting too wet.  I mean, my car is only about 50 feet from the door.  Shouldn’t be too bad, right?


It was like running through the shower on full blast.  It was like having someone squirt you with the hose turned up all the way.  It was like sliding down a water slide into the pool at the end.

The water was ankle deep in the parking lot, so my brand new sandals are now soaking wet, and they’re the only pair of shoes I own within an hour (and a minute)’s drive.

My jeans are soaked, soaked, to the thigh.  Thankfully, I remembered that I’m not playing my role of Unemployed Person today, so I brought an extra pair of jeans to wear tomorrow.  Because yes, when you stay at home, you can wear the same pair of jeans every day for days and days in a row, probably months in a row, perhaps even years, and no one’s around to notice.

It’s like that fairy tale called Bearskin, where the guy can’t bathe or cut his hair or clip his nails for seven years.  But he has a lot of money, so he sort of buys his way into places.  In the end, he helps out some man by giving him money.  In repayment, the man says that gross Bearskin can marry one of his daughters.  Here are a couple of lines from Wikipedia describing the story:

“After several years, he grew so revolting that he had to pay heavily to get any shelter…”

“The oldest ran away, screaming, from the sight…”

So, I guess if you wear the same clothes every day for years and years, eventually you’ll be revolting and people will run from you, screaming.  This is why I decided to bring a change of clothes to work at the TotSwap.

And now Pam just got home (she worked an hour later than me.)  She looked at my hair and said, “Oh, did you already shower?”

No, Pam.  I did not shower.  It was the rain.  It got me again.

And now I’m signing off to go and use Pam’s foot massager.  She knows how to treat a guest!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Go To Work When You’re Revolting and No, I Didn’t Take A Shower

  1. Hey,just so you know I found out by JUST leaving you a comment we got rain too.Yay! So I am doing it again today for the same reason.Thank you oh Rain Goddess.P.S.look into your past maybe you have some like Indian rain something in your heritage.Oh,and love the earrings.

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