Step Back from the Stinky Sandals and Why Would Anyone Want to be a Kid Again?

Picture of the day:

These are the sandals I had to buy today because my old ones got so stinky.  The problem with sandals is that they have to be worn on bare feet.  Oh, you could wear socks with sandals, but then again, you could also wear a curly orange wig and a big red nose.

If you don’t wear socks, then the stinky foot smell gets in the sandals and not on the socks.  This is a problem, because you can wash socks, but you can’t really wash sandals.  So I had to buy new ones.

I wore my stinky sandals to Hershey Park on Monday.  At one point by the wave pool I had my hands full of towels and drinks, so Jo-Ann was helping me carry stuff.  All that remained to be carried were the stinky sandals.   Jo-Ann was smart enough not to come near the things, but before we could stop her, Jo-Ann’s daughter picked up the sandals.

Oh, she tried to be careful, and used only the tips of her fingers and held the sandals at arm’s length, but when you’re seven, your arms aren’t very long.  She was too close to the sandals.  I was hoping that the strength of her youth would shield her from the stench of the sandals, but it wasn’t to be.  Much like how the elderly and very young get flu shots, the elderly and very young really ought to stay away from stinky sandals.

The poor child wasn’t as hardy as I’d hoped, and with a little twitch of her nose and a roll of her eyes, she passed out from the stench.  Fortunately there was a life guard nearby who was trained in Stinky-Sandal Revival techniques and everything was ok, but it was a close call.

So….new shoes today.

And I’ll be sure to start wearing that anti-stink powder on my feet right from the beginning with this round of sandals.


I didn’t much like being a child and couldn’t wait to grow up.  Every now and then, I hear an adult say something about how they wish they were a kid again. I don’t share that sentiment.

Here are the lyrics to one of my favorite folk songs that pretty much perfectly sums up my feelings on childhood vs adulthood:

Click here to hear it.

It’s Better Than that

(Lou and Peter Berryman)

I got a flash for you kids who think adults are lucky,

Own their own cars ‘n everything’s just ducky

Goin’ to bed whenever they want to

If that’s what you think I got a flash for you..

It’s better than that.

Take Saturday and multiply it

Times fifty-four, and add thirty more

It’s better than that.

We have a chocolate eclair about as big as your head

Way before noon before we get out of bed,

We do the things you’re not allowed to do

Then we do things you haven’t thought of, too..

Hang on to your hat

Hang on to your baloney sandwich

Take 50 grand to Disneyland

It’s better than that.

If you think that our days are extra warm and sunny

A pile of toys, a pocketful of money

With no one to fear because we’re big and tall

We’re never in school because we know it all…

It’s better than that

More comfy than a secret hideout

By quite a bit, just think of it

It’s better than that.


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