A Pictorial Mystery for you to Solve

ME: Look at this picture.  What is it a picture of?

YOU: It is a cane?  No, I can tell it’s not a cane—the water droplets give it away.  It’s an umbrella handle.  Yes, definitely an umbrella handle.

And about those water droplets: are they from the bathroom shower?  No, of course not.  No one takes an umbrella in the shower.  The drops of water must be from a rain storm.

Uh oh.  Jackie, did you go grocery shopping today?   No…you wouldn’t have gone grocery shopping today.  Grocery Shopping day isn’t until Wednesday.

So, you must have taken the boys for a walk in the rain, voluntarily.  You went on a lovely little jaunt in the rain, because you had nothing better to do, and the only goal of the day was to wander up and down the street splashing in puddles.

ME:  Maybe, but not quite.

How about this picture.  Do you remember seeing a picture much like it about a month ago?

YOU:  Oh, yes!  I remember that picture.  It’s of that ride at Hershey Park that you were planning on riding the next time you went there.  You were with a group of people who mostly didn’t like roller coasters, and then it rained all afternoon…..oh, I see.

Now all the clues come together.

It rained on you at Hershey Park today, didn’t it?  And you weren’t able to ride the ride, were you?

ME:  Bingo.

I was a little surprised when Jo-Ann invited us to spend the day with her at Hershey Park.  She reads The Blog.  She knows the history that the weather and I have with each other.  If she were smart, she would have told us to come to the park yesterday, as a decoy day.  Then, the rain would have rained its little heart out yesterday, leaving today dry and sunny for her to enjoy with her family.  But she didn’t.  And so everyone ended up as casualties in my private little war against the rain.

Is anyone living through a drought right now?  Buy me a plane ticket and plan a day for me at the local amusement park, and I can fix that for you.


6 thoughts on “A Pictorial Mystery for you to Solve

  1. Yes,we are in a drought here in the Thumb of Michigan!Could you come over and try a theme park or at least try some grocery shopping?It has been in the 90’s and no rain.We need your help.I would love to see your vehicle with rain clouds hovering pull into our area.

  2. If I plan huge party in my back yard, and you plan a trip to Hershey Park on the same day- We might want to invest in flood insurance and find someone who knows how to build a boat!

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