I Think I’m Alone Now. There Doesn’t Seem to be Anyone Aro….rriiiiinnng!

So, today I woke up at 7:30 and six minutes later sent Darling Husband off to work and then!  Then!  Had the whole, entire stinkin’ day all to myself! 

 All to myself!

 The kids went for a sleepover at a friend’s house last night and I didn’t expect to see them again until almost 9 p.m. tonight.  Nine p.m.!!

And as Darling Husband walked out the door said he would probably work late, and then head over to work at the church.

Really?  Correction then:  An entire day and an entire evening, unexpectedly alone.


What to do?!

I didn’t want to do anything specific.  I just wanted a day of silence and moving at my own pace.  No ties to anyone.  No responsibilities.  No time limits.  No rushing to be anywhere.

So, I started off by puttering around the house and then…beep beep beep.  What?  My cell phone?  No one calls me on my cell phone.

It was a text from Kris.  “Can you help out at church tonight?”

Ummm….uh….but, but!  A whole dayAll to myself!  With no responsibilities!

I don’t wanna help out.

I’ll wait to answer her.  Maybe later I’ll want to help.  Or maybe not.  Can’t tell yet.  I’ll decide later.

Poured myself a bowl of Ohs cereal and watched some tv while I ate.

Brrrrriiing!  We screen our calls so we don’t have to listen to pleas for money.  Hopefully, it’s a sales person and I can ignore it.

“Jackie?  It’s Mom.  Can you pick up the phone?”  Sigh.   I answered the phone before I realized that by doing so, I’d condemned my cereal to turn to mush.

“Do you know anyone getting rid of a pack and play or crib?  Pat would like to buy a used one for when she babysits her grandchild.”

“No, but I can ask around.  I’ll put something on Facebook later today.”

Ate my soggy Ohs.  Puttered around some more, and hopped on the treadmill with the music playing really, really loud.

Jog, jog, jog.


What?  Again?  Who’s calling me now?

Turn off the music.

“Jackie.  It’s Gerhard.  I’m up.  I’ll be here until 12:30.”  Oh, that’s right!  Gerhard made some amazingly delicious chicken tortilla soup for me, and I was going to get it sometime in the morning after he got up.

Gotta get to Gerhard’s before 12:30.  I guess I have a little time limit after all.  “I’m on the treadmill, I’ll shower and be over.”

Jog, jog, jog.


WHAT?!  Again?  My kids don’t interrupt me this much.

Turn off the music.


“Hey, Jackie.  It’s Brandi.  You busy?”

“Just on the treadmill.”

She was looking to borrow a costume for her kid.  I’d given mine away to Claude’s kids.  Ok, Brandi.  I’ll contact Claude and ask if he knows where they are.

And now I need a list.  I started the day free and now I need a list, and it’s not even 10:00 yet.  Sigh.  “Contact Kris.  Ask about Cribs.  Get Soup.  Contact Claude.”

Hop in the shower.


Oh, for crying out loud! 

I take the phone into the bathroom with me in case Darling Husband calls with some sort of emergency, which is why I heard it ring.

Looked at the caller ID on the phone.  Jo-Ann?  She never calls me!  Must be important.

Turn water off.


“Hey.  You still coming with us to Hershey Park on Monday?”

“Yup.”  More conversation.  Hang up.  Water back on.



Jo-Ann again.  I have to answer it.  She knows I’m there because we just talked.  It’ll be weird if I don’t.  Water off again.


“Is Darling Husband coming to Hershey Park, too?  Because only seven people are allowed in the cabana we rented.  And Darling Husband makes eight.”

After much discussion, I tell her that we’ll all come to the park and I’ll be the one to stay out of the cabana.  Heck, I’m sassy and independent, right?  Independent people don’t mind being alone.  In fact, we like it.  We wish that we had more alone time.  Like, maybe right now.

So.  Anybody have a crib or pack and play they want to sell cheap?

Claude, can we borrow back one of those costumes?

And, oh no!  I forgot to call Kris back.  Oops!  Um, Kris:  I can’t help out two hours ago, when you needed help.  I was too busy having alone time.



The chicken tortilla soup Gerhard made for me.

And look!

I had to pay for my gas inside today!  The satellite was down.  Maybe it was those solar flares.

It’s been so long since I’ve pre-paid for gas inside, that when she said, “How much do you want?”  I automatically answered, “Ten dollars.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The last time I paid for gas inside, I had a Geo Metro and $10 would fill it up.  Not anymore.  So I told her, “No!  Wait.  $20.”  But I ended up with less than half a tank.   Guess I should have said $40, or even $50.  Ouch.


4 thoughts on “I Think I’m Alone Now. There Doesn’t Seem to be Anyone Aro….rriiiiinnng!

  1. That’s insane :O I’ve just taken to not answering our phone upon the following arguments:
    a) no one ever phones me on our land line
    b) the bf said we could get caller id when we moved in together last August and we still don’t have it >:|
    Of course when I brought up point b again recently and he realized that it is now July he felt a little sheepish and decided that we should probably get caller id soon so that maybe I will start answering the phone again 😉 but I know what you mean about screening calls. I always had caller id when I lived by myself, that way if I didn’t know the number I didn’t answer, bf doesn’t have caller id and then gets all irritated when he answers the phone and it’s a telemarketer – it’s like silly, if we had caller id you just don’t answer the phone unless it says “This is your mom and dad” or grandma or cousin or who ever, so easy.

    • The whole phone thing is complicated at my house, too. Usually, I can’t physically get to the phone before the answering machine kicks in. But that works out, because if it’s not someone I know, I just turn around and head back to wherever I was before it rang.

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