I can fly, I have a compass in the stock, and I can make Kevin snort

Look at this tripod that Gerhard gave to me!  Look!

It’s got a compass in the stock!  I noticed it for the first time today.  I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

You know how you have dreams where you’re flying, and then you wake up and for just a moment you still think you can fly?  But then there’s the sense of bitter disappointment when you realize you can’t.

I used to have dreams like that about swimming.   I didn’t learn how to swim until about 3 summers ago.  But before I learned, in my dreams I’d be swimming, swimming, swimming and would think to myself, “Wow!  I can swim!   This is so much fun!”  But then a moment after waking up, I’d realize I couldn’t swim, and would be crushed.

And now, I still have dreams about swimming, but when I wake up I think, “I can swim!  Wait.  No I can’t.  Wait!  Yes, I can!” and my little heart sings.

I also have dreams like that about driving a standard transmission.  There I am, cruising along and I’m pretty sure I’m in a convertible and there’s red paint involved.  And a lot of curvy roads.  And maybe even a car chase and I have a license to kill and a British accent and a button on the dash that reads “Oil Spill” and when I push it the Russians behind me go into a spin and career over the side of the cliff and die in a big, fiery explosion accompanied by blaring trumpets (54 seconds in).

No, that’s not true.  In my Standard Transmission Driving Dream, I driving a nondescript blue Ford going grocery shopping.  And it’s raining.

But then I wake up and realize I can’t drive a standard.  And I probably won’t learn anytime soon because our cars are all very, very old and Darling Husband has little apoplectic fits whenever I grind the gears when I’m trying to learn.  Oh, he tries to be calm and patient, but after the 2nd or 3rd grinding of the gears, his forehead breaks out into a sweat and he apologizes while he escorts me from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s seat and tells me the lesson is over.  Apparently it costs more money than he wants to spend to rebuild a transmission, and transmissions are delicate things on old cars and easily broken.

I did have a point to all this.  And my point was that having Alex and all his stuff (flashes, tripods), is like that feeling when you first wake up from your flying dream and think, “I can fly!

But with Alex, there’s no crash to reality.  I really, really have Alex!  And I really, really have a flash!  And now I realized that my tripod has a compass in the stock.  Can it get any better than that?

Sometimes I open Alex’s lunch bag (for those of you who don’t know, Alex is my Nikon D5100 camera, and I don’t have a proper camera bag yet, so he lives in a padded lunch bag) and just stare at him with a goofy little grin.  I remember the day I found out that I could use the old flash Jo-Ann gave to me.  I had that flash for half a year, thinking I couldn’t use it, but then it turned out that I can.  I just have to have the camera in full manual mode.  No problem!  I can do that!

Kevin, from Photo Club, heard that I had a flash and asked me about it.  He knows that I’d been wanting one for quite a while now.  I told him, “Well, it’s actually an old flash that I didn’t know I could use.  I’ve had it for six months.”

And he burst out laughing.  “Six months?!”  I think he might have even snorted a bit.  And that’s saying something.  Kevin usually just smiles and chuckles politely when he finds something funny.  I’m pretty sure that a snort from Kevin means he’s rolling-on-the-floor belly laughing on the inside.  “All those months you’ve wanted a flash…and you had it all along!”  Laugh, laugh, snort.  He even sort of doubled over in his seat and may have wiped a tear of amusement from his eye.  He did stop laughing, and then a second later started back up again when he said, “Six months!”

I wasn’t sure how to play it.  Laugh along with him, or pretend to be slightly offended by his amusement at my expense?

And now, when I’m out taking pictures in the wilds of the local park and I get lost, I’ll be able to whip out my tripod and find my way home.


Did I tell you that I found yet another reference to The Stand?  That’s the fourth one since I read it.  If you’ll recall, I read The Stand just because I see/hear so many references to it and was curious as to why.  I read it a couple of months ago, and have seen four more references in those past couple of months.

And I really don’t know why everyone references The Stand.  It was an ok book, but why all the references?  It wasn’t that good.

Plus, I’m getting this streak of white in my forehead like creepy Nadine.  Used to, I hoped I’d get a cool streak of white in my hair, but now that dream is ruined. I don’t want to look like creepy Nadine.

Dumb book.


4 thoughts on “I can fly, I have a compass in the stock, and I can make Kevin snort

  1. I had several people try to teach me how to drive a stick shift and eventually I just took my car that had it out by myself and I taught myself to drive, that was the best. At least for me and with how my brain works I’ve been finding as I get older I find if I can figure something out on my own then I can explain it to myself in my own “language” rather than trying to listen to someone else and then try to convert what they are trying to say into words that make sense – even though we both technically speak English I swear people just don’t make sense when they are trying to explain things like releasing a clutch and shifting gears, you have to make it make sense for you 😉 as for the dreaming thing I hear you, I have had it so bad I’ve had to seriously question whether something actually happened or whether or not it was a dream – sometimes they are just so real you know?!

    • Right–I’m pretty sure I could drive a stick without much problem, but I need access to a car that if I grind the gears a few times while I’m learning, it won’t cause Darling Husband to burst into tears.

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