Bizarre Chinese Magic Tricks, Ice Cubes in the Pool and Bikers on the Battlefield

Ahhh.  A silent house.  It’s so quiet right now that the sound of the clocks ticking is driving me a little crazy.  Like the Tell-Tale Heart.

It’s quiet and I have a few free minutes to write The Blog in the middle of the day because everyone else is busy sending themselves into shock in the frigid water of the local public pool.  Nephew13 is visiting this weekend and is adamant that he must, simply must, go swimming before the weekend it out. No problem, says Darling Husband.  He’ll just bring along his pick to chip through the sheet of ice on top of the pool.

I have time now to play with a few of my cavern pictures while they’re all out.  Here are two more cavern pictures.

There were a few little tunnels to squish through.  But it wasn’t like we were soldier-crawling.  We just had to duck so we wouldn’t bash in our heads.  The tour guide gave us dire warnings about us bashing in our heads.  He told the sad, sad tale of the other tour guide (I think his name was Lenny) who bashed his head last week on the rock, because he had turned to deal with a Bad Tourist who wasn’t following directions.

But I’m on to him.

We heard the same tale a year ago!  The sad, sad tale of the tour guide who bashed his head on the rock last week because of the Bad Tourist who wasn’t following directions.

It’s totally made up.  It’s a cautionary tale meant to inspire the tourists to behave.  Bad Tourists get thrown into the burning molten lava in the center of the earth.

I mostly wanted cavern pictures with people in them, for perspective, but I liked this sparkly rock enough to snap a picture of it.  The sparkle isn’t as nice in the picture as in real life, but it’ll do.


Enough about the caverns yesterday.  On to the events of today!

For dinner we took Nephew13 to JJ Hibachi Buffet.  I was taking this lovely shot of my dinner…

…when the dining room filled with smoke!  Smoke!?  We all fled to the safety of the other dining room.  The dining area is split into two rooms.

Nothing was on fire.  The brand new a/c motor blew out and started smoking. Everything’s ok.  It’s fixed.

And then!  Then!  We saw people lining up on the street outside the restaurant.  Why?  For the Biker Parade.

It’s Bike Week at Gettysburg and thousands upon thousands of motorcyclists show up from hundreds of miles around to…well, I’m not sure what they do.  But they must have a good time.  Sort of like Comic-con, only for bikers.

Tonight, the bikers all gathered together and then rode into town in parade formation.  Hundreds upon hundreds them, perhaps even thousands.  Fortunately, JJ Hibachi buffet is one of the very last businesses before the actual Gettyburg battlefields, so I left my dinner cooling on the table and popped outside to get pictures.  It was a matter of walking about 200 steps to get to the edge of the battlefields.

Nephew13 came with me while I took the pictures.  He said, “Why are you walking over here for the pictures?”  Because if you’re at Gettysburg during Bike Week, you don’t take a picture with tourists in their t-shirts and fanny packs in the background.  You take a picture of the Gettysburg battlefields in the background.  Lesson #3 in Photography: pay attention to the background!

I got some very lovely shots of the bikers as they came by.

After the bikers were done driving by, Nephew13 (who lives in a busy suburb of Baltimore) said, “That’s it?  Everyone sits outside to watch the bikes go by?  And that’s it?”

That’s it.  Welcome to small town life, Nephew13.

And look—this is the manager of JJ Hibachi Buffet and the a/c guy on the roof, watching the bikers go by.  If you look very carefully in the reflection of the window, you can see me, the manager’s wife, the hibachi chef, and a bike driving by.

As you know, I have a whole gallery of pictures of Li’s Buffet, and have been pushing myself to find unique and creative shots of Li’s.  I’m planning on starting a gallery of JJ Hibachi Buffet shots, too.  Here’s the first one:

It’s like a bizarre Chinese magic trick. I can’t tell you how pleased I am of this shot.


4 thoughts on “Bizarre Chinese Magic Tricks, Ice Cubes in the Pool and Bikers on the Battlefield

  1. Actually the tour guide with head bashed apart story was real and it did happen last week but, hey, whatever it takes to keep those tourists in line LOL

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