More Victims, Alien kids, and The Internet Lost my Website

Today, at our third karate lesson, while I was in the waiting room, I started taking pictures of things.  Lots of pictures.

The other people in the waiting room may as well get used to it now, while I’m still a stranger and they have to be polite.  It’s better than springing my obsession on them months from now.  Ha!  As if I could sit in a waiting room for 2 hours each week for months without getting out my camera.  Not gonna happen.

My plan is to use the camera every time I go there so that it becomes part of the scenery and people will barely notice it.

Soon, they’ll be lulled into complacency and I can start practicing portrait shots on them.  “Don’t mind me.  I’m just taking a picture of the clock…and the door…oh, and since you’re right there, I’ll get you in the shot, too…”  Sort of like Winnie-the-Pooh trying to fool the bees into thinking he’s a rain cloud so he can float up on a balloon and get their honey.

Early this morning, I’d happened upon a website that gave a weekly photography assignment and I figured it might be fun to join in.  The assignment was to take pictures of “details.”  You know: like a close up of a bug or a flower or something.  While I was the karate place waiting room, I figured I’d try to find a detail.  I took Alex out of his bag.

There were a couple of bored kids in the waiting room who perked up when they saw the camera.  They let me take their pictures, with their mothers saying things like, “What?!  They never smile for the camera when we try to get family portraits.”

Of course not.  They’d be aliens and not kids if they weren’t contrary every now and then.  So, sure; let the strange woman who’s hauling a camera with her everywhere she goes take your picture, but when the family dresses up nice and is about to spend oodles of money on a professional photographer, throw a tantrum.   Atta boy.

Here’s a picture of one of the bored kids.

Where’s Miss Becky?

I asked the kid’s mother if I could take a close up of her earrings for my assignment for “details.”  They were really pretty earrings and she had her long, lush hair (jealousy alert) in a thick braid that would make a lovely background for the earrings.  My plan is already working, because she said, “Sure,” and even turned her head like I asked so the light would hit it just so.

I took a bunch of “detail” pictures throughout the day, but when I went to find the website to post my assignment, I couldn’t find it.

Contrary internet.


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