Sick today

Ack.  I’ve tried to write the blog, but get about ½ way through a paragraph, and then have to stop.  I was hoping that writing would get my mind off of how miserable I feel.  It’s not working.

Headache.  Throwing up.  And three bad hair days in a row.


I give up.  I’m going to bed.

No more rancid-butter tarts for me.


Picture of the day:

Went to see Spiderman at this theater in Gettysburg:


2 thoughts on “Sick today

  1. Oh no!! I hope you feel better soon! I spent the day in bed with a horrible headache… you should see the bad hair day that caused me to have. 😉

    • Feeling back to normal now. I did think of you, with that headache. I thought, at least I’m not weeping from the pain, like poor Becky. So, it couldn’t have been as bad as what you get.

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