Good Models are Hard to Find, and They Ate the Rancid Tarts and Liked them

All I have for you today are unflattering pictures of my friends.  I debated for a few seconds long and hard about whether or not I should post them, and then got caught up in the moment when Darling Husband recklessly said, “Go for it!” so here they are.

In the first one, I told them to lean in a little and look at the Farkle game.  Darling Husband over-hammed for the picture, Claude gave his usual “duh” look and Scott is wise enough to just…look at the Farkle game.  He’s a good model.

After looking at the frightening results, I told them to look nice for the picture, and they went all Sears Catalog on me.

I was having trouble deciding which bad picture to post–the one where Claude is giving his Duh Look?  Or the one where Scott is giving the…well, how do you even describe that look?  Goofy.

Whose silly picture gets posted on The Blog for all the world to see?

Darling Husband pointed out that Claude supplies me with the books that I can’t get from the library so clearly I can’t post the Duh Claude picture.

But Scott gives me free photography lessons, so clearly I can’t post the Goofy Scott picture.

But in a moment of wild abandon, I went ahead and posted both.  We’ll see in the next few minutes whether or not I’m stuck finding new hobbies, because they’re still here at 11:30 at night, waiting for me to post.  They’re waiting because nobody pre-reads The Blog.  Nobody.  So they have to wait to read it like everybody else.

However, in appreciation for all the books Claude has lent to me and all the free photography lessons Scott has given me, I gave them these delicious rancid-butter tarts.  They loved the rancid-butter tarts, so maybe they’ll forgive the bad pictures.

Aside: For you photography types, you’ll appreciate my giddiness at the fact that I have a flash for Alex now.  See how amazingly gorgeous the above picture is with the flash gently illuminating the tart?  Makes you want to eat the rancid-butter tart, huh?

P.S.  Scott wants everyone to note the glass of milk in the background.  It’s his, and it’s getting warm and chunky while he waits for the shot to be done.  Again, he’s a good model.  Thank you, Scott.


4 thoughts on “Good Models are Hard to Find, and They Ate the Rancid Tarts and Liked them

    • Oh, Gerhard, I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it’s the flash that I’ve had for half a year. Remember when my friend gave me those old lenses that you looked at, but the lenses don’t work right with the camera body I have? The flash was in that bag, too. The camera can’t talk to the flash so I didn’t think it worked at all with the camera, but it turns out it does. Scott gave me lessons on how to set the flash manually, and all that’s left is practice, practice, practice and I’m in business.

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