I’m right and everyone else is wrong, Taco Bell loves us, and where are the flying saucers when you need them?

Boy7 has suddenly become interested in Superman stuff again, so we watched the 1978 version of Superman today.  I couldn’t help but notice that Jimmy Olsen uses a Nikon.

But it appears that Peter Parker (Spiderman) uses a Canon.  And being that Peter Parker could beat up Jimmy Olsen and smash his camera if he wanted to, I guess Canon wins this round.


I’m going to see fireworks tonight and try to get some nice pictures of them.  I don’t know how they’ll turn out.  They fire them off of a mountain, so there’s really not much in the foreground.  Fireworks look best when you can see something on the ground to give perspective—like a beautiful building, or a tiny Alpine village.  Or a flying saucer.  Something.   I’m thinking you’ll just see a big blob of mountain with trees stuck on it.  It’s not like it’s the Rocky Mountains or anything.  It’s more of a really big hill with a few scraggly trees.  Who wants to look at a picture of fireworks with a few scraggly trees?

What’s that?  You want to know why I don’t take fireworks pictures in Gettysburg and get some sort of cool looking monument in the background?  That’s because as far as I know they don’t do fireworks on the actual Fourth of July in Gettysburg.

I just don’t get it.  I’ve lived here 9 years, and each and every year, I shocked to hear the fireworks in Gettysburg firing off days and days before Independence Day.  Missed it, again!  In the same way, some of the towns around here don’t trick or treat on Halloween.  Completely bizarre.

Why can’t these small towns do it the right way?  I’m a type A, concrete, logical-type person and all this floofy “fireworks on July 1st” and “trick or treating” on October 27th goofiness is turning my hair grey.  You creative, implusive types might not want to admit it, but we logical types know that there’s a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things.  And we always know the right way.  The right way is to have fireworks on Independence Day and trick-or-treating on Halloween.  It’s not hard, people.

Fortunately, Darling Husband is just like me, so we tend to agree on the right way to do things.  There was only one time I can remember where we totally disagreed on something and couldn’t even possibly see the other person’s point of view.

Darling Husband was working on something on his computer.  He said, “When I am done, would you like to watch Lost tonight?”  We didn’t watch Lost while it was airing on TV.  We waited until it was done, and then watched all of the episodes in a row, back to back, for hours each night, whenever we both were available .  And I said, “Yes.”

So I sat down on the couch to read a book until he was ready.  And I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Finally, feeling a bit huffy, I said, “Well?  Are you ever going to be ready?”

At which point, Darling Husband said, “Oh, I’ve been done for a while.  I was waiting for you to ask me if I was ready.”


In my mind, the person waiting shouldn’t be expected to say, “Are you ready now?”  “How ‘bout now?”  “What about now?”

In my mind, the person who is working should work until they’re done, and then say to the person who is waiting, “I’m done now.”  Especially, when the person who was working was the one who asked the other one if they wanted to watch Lost.

Darling Husband didn’t agree.  And I can’t quite give you an accurate representation of his point of view because I still don’t get it.   But he maintains that it was up to me to ask him when he was ready.  I really don’t understand why or I would explain it to you.

He looked at me like I was nuts, I looked at him like he was nuts and I think we both huffed a bit and watched the show, with me making pointed remarks about, “Well, now it’s all late and we won’t have time to watch more than one episode,” and Darling Husband huffing that I should have let him know I was serious about watching and didn’t really want to just read my book after all.

And that’s it.  The only time that we totally couldn’t see each other’s point of view.  But, obviously, I’m completely right and he’s out in left field on that one.

And now I’m going to lock my comments, so that he can’t make some silly comment that clears the whole thing up and puts him in the right light and me in the wrong light.  If only I could figure out how to lock comments…I’ll have to ask Darling Husband, my techno-nerd, how to do it before I post this.


Pseudo picture of the day:

It’s pseudo because really I’ll be taking fireworks pictures today, but I won’t have time to post them tonight, so they’ll be for tomorrow.  Instead, you’ll have to look at my chalupa from Taco Bell.

I know that some people sneer at Taco Bell, but I love it.  Unabashedly love it.  I mean, they give you bags of Doritos with their meals.  This means that the owners of Taco Bell love us.  I love you, too, Taco Bell!


13 thoughts on “I’m right and everyone else is wrong, Taco Bell loves us, and where are the flying saucers when you need them?

  1. This is the perfect blot. Except for one thing. The older Nikon would have kicked the electronic out of the modern Canon.
    Dh will learn that you will always be right. This I learned from my Dad. When my parents would have disagreements,my Dad would always cave and then when she wasn’t looking he would give me “the wink “.
    Then that Fiat ad,,,, perfect. My first two cars were Fiats. How cool is that!
    We also like Taco Bell.

  2. Oh a LOT of people like Canons, I went to an art expo last summer with a friend (her husband is a beginning pro photographer and she’s learning) and there were a lot of photographers at the expo so we were asking them all what they used and MOST of them said Canon, and the other photo guru at my work place has one too, an EOS of some description I believe – but I’m still a hardcore Nikon fan and the photographer we used for my sisters grad had the D60 so hey 😉

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